UCO’s Logan Hobart releases breakthrough album, “Some Guy & His Computer”

After releasing his 10th album last month, a junior at the University of Central Oklahoma is finding his rhythm and thriving.

Logan Hobart’s stimulating, 11-song “Some Guy & His Computer: Random Music, Vol. 3,” has been his most successful album yet. Released Feb. 24, it reached 100 listens faster than any of his prior releases. 

The two-sided album surges with raw emotion and memories of the past with inspiration from the rock band, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It starts on the “Madvilliany”-inspired Side A, addressing Hobart’s negative feelings and anger at the world. The second half of the album’s vibe completely transforms, inspired by 100 Gecs. Side B focuses on acceptance, reconciliation and some pettiness. 

With 10 albums in five years, Hobart said, “In terms of how I mixed every song, I feel like this is my best album, so far.”

“Some Guy & His Computer” begins with the “Nachos” introduction on Side A. The song symbolizes the stickiness of nacho cheese and the fact that he as an artist is here to stay.

The second song, “Noose” is a metaphor about Hobart’s constant perfectionist pressure, never satisfied with his work. “I’m not suicidal, but having built up frustration feels like a noose, suffocating me,” he said. 

Hobart had the most fun on Side A with the track “Uh huh.” The premise of “Uh huh” is sarcasm, like saying “yeah right,” and directly references MF Doom, sampling his “Shadows of Tomorrow” track. 

“Ripples” is the next song and was recorded just before Hobart got a new microphone, halfway through the album’s completion. 

“Ripples is about how even when I’m ready to move on from my feelings, they come back,” Hobart said. 

The futuristic whimsy of “Bitch Didn’t Even Try,” Side A’s final song, delves into how it feels to be ghosted or left on read. “I’m always going to be me no matter what,” Hobart said regarding the track.

“Transition…” shifts the vibes of the album on Side B, followed by the first track of the side, “Seener (TV Dinners).” Hobart got inspiration for the song after watching an Instagram Reel skit about TV dinners. Hobart referenced Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” one of his favorite childhood shows, as he was rewatching it while producing the song. The song also has a remix of the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Reminiscent of sci-fi classic “Tron,” “Hands in the Shape of a V” has nods to Batman and Pokemon with a sample of Pikachu’s cry. “This is one of my favorite songs because the bass goes crazy in the car,” Hobart said. 

“Black Sweater” is the second-to-last song in the album and was co-produced with Hobart’s friend, fantompower. “One of my black sweaters gives me confidence, so I wrote about it. I think it’s funny how the most random things can give you the best inspiration, especially when you’re not looking for it,” Hobart said in regards to “Seener (TV Dinners)” and “Black Sweater.”

Lastly, his self-titled outro track, “Some Guy & His Computer” finishes off about how Hobart is not trying to become a big personality, but makes music for the love of it. “With music, I will always be here.”

Having completed the album, Hobart is feeling bittersweet now that he is now longer working on music. Now, he is recording new music for his band FAJOR. He also plans to release more solo albums alongside FAJOR. 

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