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Senators for the People? It’s Up to U[CO]

The Vista- April 18, 2018

Newly elected chair Tate Atkinson presides of Committee of the Whole to review new legislation before voting on whether or not to bring it to ... Read More


Jobs that pay better than Oklahoma teachers

UCentral- April 13, 2018

Teachers are the foundation of this country. You don't have to be Bob the Builder to know that. If you have a weak foundation that ... Read More


Raised by wolves vs. raised by teachers

UCentral- April 9, 2018

The teachers are walking out in Oklahoma and it's not for exercise. It's for money. That's right, the green cheddar that fuels the souls of ... Read More


Help Wanted: Looking for Conspiracy Theorists

UCentral- March 2, 2018

  Are you tired of working in a job that does good for your community or possibly the world? Are you tired of your current ... Read More