Vinyl fans listen up: Record Store Day opens at 3 Dachshunds


Vinyl fans should be aware of the upcoming 2024 Record Store Day taking place on Saturday, April 20. 

Record Store Day was founded in 2007 as a way to highlight independent record stores and uplift businesses that may be overlooked because of corporations. 3 Dachshunds Records in Edmond has been a participant in Record Store Day every year of the store’s nearly decade-long existence.

Jack and Betty Ware opened 3 Dachshunds Records on 2nd St. in November 2014, named after their three pet dachshunds. Jack Ware has been a lover of vinyl since purchasing his first record at the age of 11. In the last ten years of running his own record store, though, he’s seen an uptick in vinyl popularity. 

“Our number one best selling new vinyl in the last two or three years has been ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac,” Ware said, noting that the other vinyl records that customers seek the most are “Queen’s Greatest Hits,” “Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits,” and Led Zeppelin. Ware said he often sees children around eight to ten years old come into the store looking for an AC/DC record.

People of all ages, though, come into the store. Many people get record players for Christmas and come in asking Ware about vinyl. He’s happy to offer suggestions to those who ask. 

Ware also advises customers of upcoming releases. If anyone comes into the store looking for an album they don’t have, that’s not a problem for Ware. 3 Dachshunds can order the vinyl record and it will usually be at the store within three to four days. 

Record Store Day brings a number of new and sometimes limited pressings to music lovers everywhere. 3 Dachshunds ordered over 500 different records, totalling around $30,000 worth of merchandise. Ware says he is most excited about the Thin Lizzy and Gorillaz records. 

3 Dachshunds will open at 8 a.m. April 20, though it cannot begin selling Record Store Day Merchandise until 9 a.m. Free donuts will be available to Record Store Day customers. 3 Dachshunds Records is located at 2508 W. Edmond Road.

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