UCO mobile dining app offers easy campus ordering

The UCO Transact mobile ordering app that was introduced last spring through partnerships with UCO’s dining, housing and residential engagement programs as an ordering aid during the pandemic is officially here to stay. It will also be renamed “UCO2Go powered by Transact.”

“We’re always looking for innovative and new ways to add value to the app,” said UCO Marketing Manager Caroline Vaught. 

With the app, Vaught said students and faculty can conveniently skip the line and save time by ordering ahead. Four out of twelve of the dining locations on campus are offered as options in the app, which includes Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, 1890 Metropolitan Cafe and Sidelines Sports Grill. Additionally, full menus from each dining location are available as well as the option to customize the meal or beverage. 

To pay, the app accepts meal plans, dining dollars, credit or debit while allowing users to check their Dining Dollars balances through e-accounts. The most recent additions to the app are the best-selling market snacks and drinks. 

“We also have Ayers Kitchen, but Ayers Kitchen is reserved for quarantine meals,” Vaught said.

Vaught said the orders placed through the app can not be delivered and must be picked up at the dining location unless the order is for an individual in quarantine. Once an order is placed, a QR code is sent to the phone and a check-in is required shortly before arriving to pick up the order. The general wait time is 5-15 minutes but a set pick-up time for orders is available as well. Once a notification has been received that the order is ready, the confirmation QR code will be scanned at the pick-up location that is marked with a red arrow hanging from the ceiling. To download the app, visit https://dineoncampus.com/uco/transact-mobile-ordering for more information.

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