Students share their favorite ways to warm up as Winter approaches

Although the weather is expected to remain in the 70s until Thursday, Winter is coming fast. We asked Bronchos around campus about how they like to stay warm during cold season! 

“In the summer I wear really light stuff, but I don’t have any insulation on me so I wear big sweaters and use a heated blanket,” said Matthew Pinto.

Laying in bed doing nothing is a popular and restorative practice that our students use to combat their hard work in class. 

“You can always put on more layers when it’s cold. But when it’s hot, you will eventually run out of layers to take off and possibly commit a crime if you take off too many,” said student Naomi Martinez. 

Blankets and heated blankets, layers of clothes, wearing leggings under your pants, space heaters and thinking about how a fire feels are a few smart ways our Bronchos keep warm in the freezing cold. 

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