StreetMeet: An open community for creators to thrive

StreetMeet, a local club for photographers and models in Oklahoma, is holding its next photoshoot at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 28 in the underground tunnels in downtown Oklahoma City to provide opportunities for artists to meet and work together. The monthly meets are open to all photographers and models in Oklahoma who are interested in expanding their portfolios and professional networks.

The StreetMeet community began in 2015 in Washington D.C. when photographers Pierre Funes and Aaron Williams started posting on social media about going on walks with their cameras in hopes to draw in and meet more photographers in the area. By word of mouth, the photography walks grew in number and locations. One photographer, Han Fabros, brought StreetMeet to Oklahoma in 2019 after attending a meet in Los Angeles. He is currently managing StreetMeetOK.

The meets take place on the second to last Saturday of every month and often last for three hours. According to Fabros, around 50 people show up for each meet but during the peak season of Spring and Summer, that number sometimes doubles. He adds that 40% of the population at each meet are new faces. “We welcome all skill levels from professionals or just getting started. We don’t discriminate on what kind of camera you have or your style. Literally everyone is welcome to our meets,” Fabros said. “You can bring anything, one time a guy brought a horse.” 

The monthly meets are normally on Saturdays, but the tunnels are only open on weekdays, according to Fabros. For more information on StreetMeet, visit @Streetmeetok on Instagram or

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