UCentral TV and Podcast Studio Rental

UCentral is the student media network at the University of Central Oklahoma, featuring traditional and new media created by students majoring in Professional Media. 

Frequently, campus organizations, departments, businesses, or individuals request UCentral to record events, special projects or use the equipment/studios. UCentral is a learning facility that maintains limited equipment and studio availability for specific curriculum courses and transformative learning endeavors. It is not open to the public and does not loan/rent equipment. Additionally, faculty have preset curriculum for students to meet class projects.

Occasionally, when there is availability and course schedules permit, UCentral may rent studio facilities to campus and business organizations.

UCentral TV Studio

  • 1600 square foot studio
  • LED lighting and light grid at 5600k
  • 4 HD Cameras with 3 Teleprompters
  • 8’x8′ Green Screen
  • 6 Shure wireless microphones
  • NewTek Tricaster 860 Switcher
  • 110″ 4 Screen Video Wall

UCentral Podcast Studio

  • 350 square foot studio
  • LED lighting at 5600k
  • 3 Mounted 4K Cameras
  • 75″ video monitor behind set
  • 50″ video monitor in desk.
  • Multi-Color LED accent lighting
  • 3 Heil PR-40 wired microphones
  • 2 Wireless Shure Microphones
  • NewTek Tricaster 4K

UCentral TV Studio Rates

  • $150 hour – Studio Space “As Is” – Bring your own camera, gear, lightning, etc
  • $300 hour – Basic setup, access to studio cameras, teleprompter, green screen, wireless microphones and technical assistance provided by up to two UCentral staff members
  • $500 hour – Complete studio production – Includes basic setup and access to UCentral Control Room and video switcher, basic graphics/lower thirds, multi-camera production. Technical assistance provided by up to two UCentral staff members.

UCentral Podcast Studio Rates

  • $100 hour – Podcast Studio Space “As-Is” – Use of Multi-camera setup, basic graphic creation, images/logos placed on 75″ and 50″ monitor, access to microphones. Technical assistance provided by renter for basic camera switching and audio operation.
  • $150 hour – Basic setup, includes everything in the “as-is” podcast studio rental, with the addition of technical assistance provided by a UCentral staff member.

Additional Information

  • Client must provide USB thumb drive or hard drive for content delivery.
  • All rentals must be at least one-hour minimum
  • Rates subject to change based upon additional services requested.
  • For more information on UCentral TV Studio and Podcast Studio rentals please contact rentals@ucentralmedia.com or call 405-974-2589