New president Todd Lamb seeks to improve UCO’s reputation

In his “first 100 days, first couple of weeks,” as the new president of the University of Central Oklahoma, former Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb said he is “going to sit down with our internal stakeholders, and I’m talking about our faculty, talking about our staff.”

The most important thing that a university president can do, Lamb said, is to listen. 

“That is, to listen internally, to our faculty and staff, to listen to the students. And listen to our external stakeholders. When I say external stakeholders, those are the alums and there are so many people in Edmond and throughout Oklahoma that may not have attended UCO or graduated from UCO who still care very much about our university, and that includes those that serve in the legislature. 

“I’ve got strong relationships there,” said Lamb, who served as a Republican State Senator for District 47, covering northern Oklahoma City, from 2004 to 2011. “And I look forward to working with them. We’ve worked with our legislators to make sure they understand what is going to be, the exciting news of what’s going on at UCO, but also the need at UCO, as far as budget and appropriations and things like that.” 

He talked about hopes for his presidency. 

“What I hope to do as president is to restore UCO, really, to what it once was, as far as the reputation off the campus. Internally, we still know how wonderful we are, how special we are, the quality of students, the quality of our faculty and staff. But externally, I think there are people outside the Broncho family who don’t know the great, wonderful secret of UCO. So among other things, I want to restore that credibility and the positive reputation of UCO and it’s going to be a team effort,” Lamb said.

He continued.

“I’ve been involved in education policy over the years, so what’s important to me, and one of the many things that excites me as president of UCO, is to serve the students and work with the faculty,” Lamb said.

“I want to hear what the hopes and dreams and aspirations of our students are, and I want to help them achieve those,” Lamb said. “Go Bronchos,” he said.

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