Keep it Local helps area business build brand loyalty

Keep It Local, an organization that supports locally-owned businesses, has become an essential business aid since the pandemic began. Primarily, Keep It Local focuses on partnering with independent businesses through social media marketing, advertising sales, store events and other announcements through a $500 annual contract.

The business started in January 2010 when co-founder Chris Branson came up with the idea and approached local graphic designer and photographer Bryce Bandy. Because of Bandy’s existing connections with business owners in the area, the idea of Keep It Local already had its foot in the door. 

“It’s a pretty simple concept. For the public, we’re trying to encourage them to think about spending their money with local and independent businesses in Oklahoma,” Bandy said.

Keep It Local also sells cards for $15 for those interested in exploring hidden gems in Oklahoma and support area businesses. The Keep It Local cards are accepted at each participating location, where customers are given either a reward or discount. 

Around 170 businesses in partnership with Keep It Local across the state, however, that number fluctuates monthly because of the way the contract is designed, Bandy said. One of Keep It Local’s most recent partnerships, Rice N Buns, offers a burger served with a ramen bun.  

The cards are designed by local artists. This year’s artist is Jake Beeson.

Each business promoted by Keep It Local has the option to sell the cards in the store and choose the amount of the customer reward. Window clings with the Keep It Local logo are normally displayed outside participating stores. 

Keep It Local also extends a helping hand to those in need by donating a dollar for every card sold and splitting the profit between two nonprofit organizations. This year’s adopted nonprofits are Restore OKC and Lindsey House. 

“We try to come into every situation with a win-win,” said Bandy.

To purchase a Keep It Local card, visit or find a participating location that offers cards onsite. A Keep It Local OK app is also available, which Bandy said will be updated in the near future. 

Keep It Local is open to all local, independent business owners, whether fresh out of college with a business plan or an existing company that needs an extra boost to get content promoted. To sign up a business in partnership, visit

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