Gladney Adoption Process

With Oklahoma’s new abortion bill in place, other options for unplanned pregnancies could potentially face an increase in revenue.

Gladney Adoption, one of the oldest and largest adoption agencies in the country, is planning on expanding its services.

Jennifer Lanter, Vice President of Communications and Education, said, “One thing that Gladney is doing is we’re starting a new counseling program because we realize that families are in this crisis situation.”

Lanter said the counseling program will be available later this year in August. She also said that women who have already delivered their baby through Gladney are welcomed back for counseling.

While some families are able to focus on preparing for the new arrival with all the necessities, others may be thinking about what to expect in an adoption process.

Lanter said the first step is to make sure the mother is safe and out of any immediate danger.

Then, she is given a caseworker to help her with the resources she might need. This includes; electric bills, groceries, and clothes.

If the mother decides to keep the baby, Gladney provides items such as a car seat, formula, or a crib. The adoption bundle is also free and the necessities given.

“…She can go through and look at the different profiles of our adoptive families. After that meeting if everything goes well and they want to stay connected, we consider that a match,” said Lanter.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, she said. “There is a lot of detail in the adoption process, it’s not just an easy decision,” Lanter said.

“We always say that we’re family for life and we’re here for the whole process.” To find out more about the adoption process and the free resources available, visit

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