City officials talk changes for downtown Edmond

Last week, the Urban Land Institute presented a plan to city officials for the future of Edmond in the University of Central Oklahoma’s Constitution Hall. 

John Walsh, a panel chair from ULI said, “We have decided that we are going to be a connector. We are going to be an inspiration. And we’re going to be a leader in this”.

The week-long preliminary study focused on development improvements surrounding UCO. 

They discussed approximately six miles of new walking trails, bike trails, a pedestrian bridge, sidewalk upgrades, curb ramps, and pedestrian crossings.

A map from ULI’s presentation showing the possible future development in the Downtown Edmond area.

In ten years, downtown Edmond could see 2,500 new residential units, 100,000 commercial square feet built, and 50 boutique hotel rooms, according to the presentation.

The committee discussed the possibility of a new way to get events on UCO’s campus out to the community. They also investigated an easier way for citizens to travel from UCO’s campus to downtown to local parks.

Ann Taylor, Director of Engagement for ULI, said, “One of our key recommendations is a Central Admin Advisory Council. It’s a body that comes together that is responsible for collaboration and communication to make sure that the exciting things that are going on, on campus are shared widely in the community”.

The report mentioned that UCO leadership and city officals have expressed interest in having a “campus corner” similar to Oklahoma University. But have failed to successfully execute this plan.

“We urge Edmond to embrace and enhance both the I-35 corridor and the greater downtown core including the University of Central Oklahoma campus a revitalized main street square and the historic downtown each of these centers can increase the velocity of commerce,” Taylor said.

The final report will be released in five weeks.

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