Album cover of For All The Dogs

Unlike Travis Scott’s dip into future sounds from this summer’s UTOPIA, Drake stepped back in time for some of his songs on his newest album, For All the Dogs, giving fans a small taste of his old flow.

The song placement and flow from “Virginia Beach” into “Amen” and then into “Calling For You” hit wrong. In fact, the album as a whole lacked continuity and substance, whereas Travis Scott’s 2023 release was more than just an album, but an experience that dragged listeners into the ironic world of “UTOPIA.” 

“For All the Dogs” started off slow and the first three songs were underwhelming despite the Frank Ocean sample in the “Virginia Beach” introduction. Drake’s lyrics were egotistical (shocker) because he did not think he could have treated his ex-girlfriend better. This is odd, because everyone has aspects from past relationships in which they could have improved their behavior, so maybe he should be more open minded?

Drake x 21 Savage songs almost always bang (because 21 carries them most of the time), but “Calling For You” was not good and I am almost certain it was a leftover from Drake’s last album, Her Loss. The lackluster beat and lack of a crazy flow by both rappers made the song forgettable overall. 

I find it strange how much Drake, as a 36-year-old man, talks about young women. So many of his lines are corny and he tries too hard to appeal to Gen Z, i.e.”Feel like I’m bi because you’re one of the guys, girl,” saying “gangy” and “Amen, prayin’ that you find a man.”

There are some minor production errors that could be fixed. For example, “IDGAF” was a fine song, but Drake’s voice is slightly louder than Yeat’s and should be balanced.

Even though there is not much cohesiveness throughout the album, some of my favorite songs include “Fear Of Heights,” “Daylight,” “First Person Shooter,” “Drew A Picasso,” “Another Late Night” and “Away From Home.” These songs give “old Drake” vibes that so many missed, with their choruses, production and rhymes, making them much more enjoyable than other songs in the album that try too hard to appeal to casual listeners.

Unfortunately, with “For All the Dogs,” Drake has still not made an album that has lived up to 2017’s “More Life” experience. 

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