Your Weekly Horoscopes 2/27- 3/4

A Full Moon and solar flare last week sets the tone for this week: rebuilding on a new and better course after the chaos. 


Aries – An old way of thinking is kicked to the curb as you realize there’s something better for you. As March swings in and the Moon waxes, lucky days begin to stack up. Your season is coming, Aries. We’re almost there! Your song is “Goodnight Moon” by Shivaree.

Taurus –  A Mars-Jupiter square means old patterns release again. Embracing your power means that the next chapter will be even more bright. A sextile on Leap Day means that your plans are on the right track now. Your song is “Wasted Summers” by juju<3.

Gemini – As next week starts, you’ll get a boost of intellectual energy so you’re ready to solve any problem that comes your way. This week you have the opportunity to find a balance between drifting with the flow and holding fast. Your song is “Circles” by The Snuts. 

Cancer – This week’s challenge is to see through to the other side of the mist. Stay grounded and focused even as uncertain energy shifts your way. The upside is that a magical energy surrounds the last few days of February. Your song is “Pastels” by My Kid Brother. 

Leo –  We are halfway through Pisces season and the challenge is to stay grounded in your spark. Your creative energy is about to receive a boost as we wind towards March. Make sure to take time before responding if something hits you the wrong way. Your song is the Nouvelle Vague and Alonya cover of “You Spin Me Round.”

Virgo – The aftermath of the Full Moon and solar flare particularly focuses on you, adding a focus towards embodying your higher self. A few monkey wrenches could fly your way this week, but a boost of Mercurian energy gives you all the tools you need.  Your song is “Eyes Wide Shut” by Alfie Templeman. 

Libra – Your people-centered nature works with the push-pull energy of this week. You are good at going with the flow, just make sure your decisions are in alignment with your intuition. This week could throw a curveball, but you’ll be ready. Your song is “Sanctuary” by Super City.

Scorpio – Emphasis flows to the home and family this week as planets in Pisces take a spin. Staying grounded like a rock in a storm is your vibe this week. Surprises lay ahead! Your song is “Elevate” by Public Theatre. 

Sagittarius – A bright start to March is here with lucky days, introspection, and the opportunity to drop an unhelpful thought pattern. You may have the opportunity to be someone’s lighthouse this week. Your song is “So I Go” by Feed The Biirds.

Capricorn –  The opportunities for growth are plenty now as the Full Moon dropped some character development on you last week. Lucky days grace the beginning of March. Your song is “1000” by Your Neighbors.

Aquarius – The emphasis is on transformation yet again, sweet Aquarius. Making the world a better place starts with you. Staying grounded leads to great success. Your song is “Fences” by Magic Bronson. 

Pisces – Don’t get lost in your thoughts this week. A Sun-Mercury conjunction means that the challenge is to stay grounded. This will lead to your hard work paying off as an exciting surprise swings towards you. Your song is “Queen Cobra” by The Orphan The Poet. 


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