Your Weekly Horoscopes 2/20-2/26

A Full Moon in Virgo takes the stage this week. 


Aries – A new health-related jumpstart is here! You could feel a newfound sense of motivation to get outside as Spring pops around the corner. Mercury transits your subconscious this time around, so it’s a good time to keep a dream journal! Your song is “Real Power” by Gossip. 

Taurus –  Super good news: your ability to let yourself experience joy is receiving an upgrade. Congratulations on being more in the present. Mercury moves your networks around, encouraging you to branch out and be a little more extroverted. Your song is “Heart” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Gemini – Something just clicks within your family or household. It’s a good time to shed unhelpful patterns as the new good stuff comes in. Mercury shifts your career forward: great time to update LinkedIn! Your song is “Always Gold” by Radical Face. 

Cancer – Your mind and intellectual ability swim in a sea of moonlight this week. In other words, get ready for a shift in how you think. Mercury indicates travel even more strongly than last week: oh, the places you’ll go! Your song is “Suddenly” by Drugdealer and Weyes Blood. 

Leo –  Your perception of security is shifting as old patterns fall away. This moon works with Mercury to cycle through your depths and bring you to a place of newfound inner stability. You work with the world around you in seasons. Your song is “ON THE LINE” BY MICHELLE.

Virgo – The spotlight is on as you complete an intense cycle with the rising Full Moon. A starstruck update to your life approach is on its way if you look for it. Mercury encourages communication with closest connections. Your song is “New Rhythm” by Greg Johnson and Starburst Records.

Libra – Your subconscious mind connects to your intuition, marking a great time to tune in to yourself. Mercury brings focus to communication about your daily habits or health. Your song is “Forever” by Hovvdy. 

Scorpio – Your networks expand and friendships transform at this time. You are blossoming! Also, Mercury focuses on the ways you share your joy with the world. Expect some sweet texts! Your song is “Not Dead Yet” by Lord Huron.

Sagittarius – Your career is gaining traction now – conferences could be on the horizon! Mercury circles around family or roommate conversations as we move towards Spring. Your song is “mad cooking machine” by ego apartment. 

Capricorn –  Your perspectives are changing and it could be related to things that happened on a trip that you recently took or will take soon. Mercury lights a brain boost as you shift towards presence. Your song is “Capricorn” by Vampire Weekend. 

Aquarius – The depths of your mind swirl with possibility as you release a pattern that no longer serves you. In a wraparound way, this is exciting and will be so good for you! Mercury in your second house could mean money on your mind. Your song is “Life Is” by Jessica Pratt.

Pisces – You are learning something related to love and it will crescendo this week. The waters of Mercury in your sign shine a light on the way you communicate. You may need to rebalance work and rest as well. Your song is “CD Wallet” by HOMESHAKE.


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