Your Weekly Horoscopes 11/14 – 11/20

The Scorpio New Moon has just brought us another fresh start – though we may still be reeling from unexpected changes. 


Aries – By its nature the eighth house speaks of depths, intensity, and the unknown. This is where the New Moon brings its transit for you. In addition, a wave of Plutonian energy creates a space where big moves are likely. Anything could happen for you this week. Governing themes will be hidden things, the deepest kinds of connections, and your inner self. Your song is “Silhouettes” by Colony House.

Taurus – Real talk: everyone can feel the Scorpio energy this week but it is most intense for you and Scorpio. Friday, the stars align to create an environment that feels all at once intense, exciting, and just right. The New Moon sparks something fiery in your house of closest connections. Your song is “Daydreamers” by Andreya Triana. 

Gemini – If you’re in need of a study sesh or just good company, invite your friends over this week! Wednesday and Friday are your best bets. The New Moon says that balancing your schedule is about to get a lot easier; you have the power to manage your time!  Your song is “SoulCreeper” by The Secret Meeting.

Cancer – Monday could be frustrating but staying fluid helps. More importantly, this week brings you a splash of something exciting and different. Aspects encourage both congenial connection and magnetic attraction. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about, this is a very good week to make it happen. Your song is “Johnny” by Sneaker Pimps.

Leo – This week sets the groundwork for changes with two key aspects. The Sun conjuncts Mars, intensifying passion and determination, then trines Neptune, fostering creativity. This combines with a smoky Scorpio energy and a transit over your home and family to bring a wave of exciting, intense energy right to your doorstep.  Your song is “Taste the Wine” by Vanessa Daou.

Virgo – Truth bubbles up to the surface more readily over the coming weeks as Pallas, asteroid of wisdom, moves into discerning Scorpio. As a natural detective you will see opportunities to use this to your advantage if you look. It’s also the perfect time to sharpen your skills in the arts. The New Moon adds a focus on intellect and thought process this week. Your song is “Escape Cloud” by Helicopter Girl. 

Libra – Justice is always a prominent theme with you. This is especially true this week, as Venus in your sign brings up feelings to process. You may see an opportunity to help set things right for others as well, as planets in Scorpio reveal hidden things. The New Moon transited your second house, aligning you better with a more secure and helpful future. Your song is “Color Me” by Active Child.

Scorpio – This Friday night brings a magnetic energy perfect for creativity and connection. Another aspect the same day between planets in your sign adds to the intensity. Where will these sparks lead you? The New Moon Monday transited your first house, shining a light on your alliance with your higher self. Your song is “Dream” by The Pied Pipers.

Sagittarius – Mercury in your sign meets up with Venus Wednesday, bringing out a sunny and exciting group dynamic. The New Moon transited the house of your subconscious Monday, adding an intuitive pull to a week already misty with Scorpio mystery and intrigue. Your song is the cover of “Wicked Game” by Emika.

Capricorn – The New Moon kicks this week off with a boost to your friend groups and social connections. This reveals itself in even greater detail on Wednesday. Friday, already ruled by Venus, is expedited to an intriguing harmony with a Mars-Neptune trine in sultry Scorpio. Your song is “5 to 8 Hours a Day (WwwaG)” by L’Rain.

Aquarius – Got friends in high places? The past falls away as you step into a brighter and more intentional vision this week. The New Moon assists by bringing something new to your public face and career. Update your LinkedIn during the week and schedule a date or hangout on Friday. Your song is “Water Me Down” by Vagabon. 

Pisces – Your creative side receives a boost of energy like a waterfall this week. It is entirely likely that you could work with friends and loved ones to create something beautiful, especially with the holidays right around the corner. The New Moon brings a philosophical take to the table; you may change your views on something. Your song is “Frontier” by Holly Herndon.


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