Walk Thru Pakistan: UCO hosts heritage event

The Pakistan Student Association at the University of Central Oklahoma hosted its first event of the semester. The purpose of the event was to give a quick glimpse of Pakistan’s heritage and culture through various pieces and food.

The event on Oct. 5 allowed people to take a tour and experience Pakistan. The tour included cultural items, such as a display of handmade Pakistani jewelry filled with silver linings, ruby and sapphire stones which had gold threading.

The association also showcased a Pakistani bridal gown with embroidery that made the dress an additional 20 pounds heavier. It also included cultural presentations, music, dance, and authentic Pakistani food.

This event is meant to bring people together from all different places to see Pakistan culture.

Pakistani students put handmade jewelry on display, embroidered with silver linings and precious stone. A cultural craft that represents the multi billion dollar industry in Pakistan. There is no official name for the jewelry. However, its specific use comes commonly at parties and wedding ceremonies. (Provided/Pakistani Student Association)

“Our members are always looking for new ways to facilitate intercultural activities and facilitate the promotion of diversity. Throughout the year we host several different events that showcase the Pakistani Culture to UCO students,” said Hazzik Chaudhry, public relations for the association. 

Every year there are plans of organizing similar events for the local Pakistani community. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced multiple challenges and obstacles. 

“We are unable to host events like before. Booking indoor venues are not feasible. People are hesitant to attend gatherings. The budget for student funding has also been affected. Food needs to be handed out differently,” Chaudhry stated.

“Events like these are very important because firstly they facilitate intercultural exchange and

create international friendships,” Chaudhry stated.

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