Ukrainian pastor in Oklahoma worried about loved ones amidst Russian invasion

Oklahoma is home to several Ukrainian families and communities, and as the situation escalates in Ukraine, many with connections are left worrying about family and friends, including Father Stepan Bilogan, a pastor at St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church in Jones, Oklahoma.

Bilogan moved to Oklahoma just over a year ago and speaks limited English. Still, by a translator, he was able to voice his concern over the crisis in his homeland.

“It’s very hard and difficult personally, mentally and physically, but you have to find the strength to support the people in need,” the member of the church said for Bilogan.

Relatives, including his mother and brother, are still in Ukraine. What once was a call every once in a while has changed to daily calls with friends and family for Bilogan.

As the war rages on, the pastor and fellow church members ask God to bring peace.

“The prayer is our weapon in fighting the aggressor,” Bilogan said.

The church is accepting donations such as food and clothing which will then be transported directly to Ukraine. To donate to the cause, click here. The church also accepts drop-off donations as well.

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