UCOSA Presidential Requirements Go Unchanged

The University of Central Oklahoma Student Association considered changing the requirements to become president of UCOSA, as well as several funding bills at their meeting last Monday.

CB19-202 focused on changing a part of the requirements to become UCOSA president. The other three bills, CFR19-203, CFR19-204 and CFR19-205 were about allocating funds.

CB19-202, which proposed cutting some of the requirements to become UCOSA president, did not pass with 17 nays, 9 yeas, and 5 abstains.

The proposed requirements that would have been cut include: one year experience as a member of the UCOSA Supreme Court, Freshman Council or congress; completion of a 12-hour experience program that included sitting in on meetings from the Congress, committees, Freshman Council, current UCOSA president and faculty advisor; scoring at least a 95 percent over a review of the UCOSA Constitution and statutes.

The proposed amendments were to include a completed three one-hour meetings with the UCOSA president, congress chair and faculty advisor as well as scoring at least a 70 percent on a review of the constitution and statutes.

Sen. Jarrod Barnett, author for CB19-202, said the reason for the bill was to make the position of UCOSA president available to more students at the university.

CFR19-203, which passed unanimously, proposed giving $500 to the Society of Women Engineers for a camcorder to start a YouTube channel, and $2,500 to the Student Interior Design Association for several students to attend the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City, which will be held May 19-22.  

CFR19-204, which also passed unanimously, proposed giving $15,000 to the Office of Sustainability so the office can work with programs such as Bum-A-Bike.

Another bill that passed unanimously was CFR19-205, which proposed giving $20,000 to the currently shut-down Uber program.

Last semester, over $50,000 had been given to the program, presumably for the whole academic year. These funds had been spent before the first semester ended.

The amount of time it will take for the program to be up and running again is unknown. A contract must be signed with Uber and then a code needs to be created. UCOSA faculty advisor, Cole Stanley said that since there is already a partnership with UCO and Uber the process should not take very long.

Due to fewer funds being allocated towards the program, there will be less rides than last semester.

The next UCOSA meeting will be at at 4:30 next Monday in Room 421, in the Nigh University Center.



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