UCOSA Kicks Off with Fresh Approach

Monday was the first official meeting of the University of Central Oklahoma Student Association, with opening remarks from President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar. 

“You are a bright spot in my day,” Neuhold-Ravikumar said. “It has been such a joy to walk the sidewalk this past week, and to just be flooded with smiles and the energy of the excitement of having all of you back on campus.”

UCOSA President Emily Grim also gave her first remarks in office.

“I am so proud and so excited for everybody for stepping up and being the one to be accountable and be representative for all of your fellow students,” Grim said. “It’s definitely something that you don’t take lightly.”

Grim, Vice President Christian Coleman, Chair of Congress James Limbaugh, Vice Chair Emily Sawyer and Secretary Dillon Rasberry were all sworn into their positions, along with all of the senators.

This semester marks the first semester that the senators in Congress were elected. An online survey of senator candidates determined who was sworn into the role this year. Previously senators would sign up on a first come, first serve basis.

In her remarks, Neuhold-Ravikumar talked to the senators about the responsibility they hold in their positions.

“There are some people out there that think you’re a pretty good person to represent them,” Neuhold-Ravikumar said. “That means they believe that you’re the right person to share power with… What you do here today will impact everyone around you, it will impact the people to come here after you and it will impact me, as president, as long as I’m here.”

Due to the senators being elected, each senator will have a constituency they are responsible for reaching out to.

“Understand their problems, what they go through every day and how UCOSA can help them in any way possible,” Limbaugh said. “Every single one of you has the opportunity to do the right thing and change this campus.”

Limbaugh told the congress members it was not enough to “have the doors open to anyone.”

“It’s not enough to just let anyone come into our meetings,” Limbaugh said. “We have to go out, on campus, and seek them out… Some people don’t know there’s a student government that can help them. It’s our responsibility.”

No bills were brought to the floor or passed during the meeting.

Wednesday, Aug. 28, senators will break up and be assigned among seven committees.

UCOSA meets at 4 p.m. every Monday in the Will Rogers Room (421) of the Nigh University Center.

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