UCOSA holds annual Vote of No Confidence

Mariah Vanzant

Contributing Writer

Vice-Chair of Congress Cooper Autry, Chair of Congress Izzi Barry, and Secretary of Congress Ethan Noble conduct the vote. (THE VISTA/MARIAH VANZANT)

The University of Central Oklahoma Student Association held its Vote of No Confidence Monday, Nov. 20, resulting in a vote to keep their congressional team in congress.

The Vote of No Confidence is conducted at the end of every fall semester for the congressional executive cabinet, said Chair of Congress Izzi Barry. The senators have the choice to either keep or remove the Chair of Congress, the Vice-Chair of Congress and the Secretary of Congress. 

During the meeting, anybody who is not a senator must leave the room during the vote. Each officer has five minutes to explain why they should not be removed from UCOSA.The senators then have 10 minutes to ask the officer any questions. While the senators are voting on that particular officer, that officer has to step out of the room. Once the officer leaves the room the senators can have a debate. Once the votes are ready to be read they can re-enter the room. 

“It is mandatory per our bylaws,” said Barry. “We have to have a two-thirds vote in order for our seat to be removed.” 

As of now, there has never been anybody removed from congress. If this were to happen the position below each position would move up. 

“If the chair is removed then the Vice-Chair would take their position and the secretary takes the vice-chair’s position,” said Barry. “In our bylaws we have a big document that says how to fill seats. It’s not an election it just trickles up from our chair seats.”

Senators can call a Vote of No Confidence at any time for any position. This is not just for the congressional team. 

“If there is a senator that is not maintaining what is appropriate for their seat at any point in time somebody can call a Vote of No Confidence on them,” said Barry. “I would, as the chair, preside over that.” 

For the Vote of No Confidence, senators are to vote “nay” if they wish to not remove somebody from congress or “aye” if they wish to remove somebody from congress. 

Izzi Barry received 35 nays, two ayes, and zero abstentions. The vice-chair of congress, Cooper Autry received 34 nays, two ayes, and zero abstentions. The secretary of congress, Ethan Noble received 33 nays, zero ayes, and zero abstentions. 

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