UCO’s new book club fosters learning & leisure on campus

Abbi Avers

Contributing Writer  


A new student organization is hoping to grow involvement and promote intellectual discourse on campus through the use of books this semester. 

     The UCO Book Club, created and led by President Reese Lugafet, encourages a welcoming space for individuals to share their love for reading and engage in thought-provoking discussions. 

     “Intellectually speaking, this club is great because reading is a wonderful way to engage your brain in something fun and beneficial for your health. Everyone there is always super friendly and it’s a great way to meet new people,” Lugafet said. 

     From when the club first began to its current status as an official UCO student organization, the UCO Book Club has undergone several transformations, adapting its structure and activities to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its members. What started as a monthly book club has evolved into meeting every two months, allowing for more flexible reading schedules and participation among members.

     “Whenever I would try to join other clubs, I found that it was hard to actively participate in other organizations on campus because their event schedules and meeting times were less forgiving. The main goal of this club was to make sure everyone in it could actively participate,” said Lugafet.

     Under the guidance of faculty advisor Shonna Covin, the club adheres to UCO guidelines and fosters a supportive environment conducive to learning and personal development.

     When discussing what the club was about, Lugafet said that the club is driven by a passion for promoting academic excellence and personal growth, and also prioritizes educational initiatives, including study sessions and presentations on topics related to learning and memory.

     Looking ahead, Lugafet envisions continued growth and expansion for the UCO Book Club, with a focus on increasing membership and organizing more enriching activities.

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