UCO Student shares her tough decision to have an abortion

Mak McCleary opens up about when she decided to have an abortion at 23.

McCleary had her first child at age 16, and she explains how the situation was different the second time around.

“It was unexpected. I just had broken up with a long-term boyfriend. We had been broken up a while… I took a pregnancy test and I was full-on pregnant.”

McCleary was working full-time, a full-time student, and raising a child.

“I couldn’t afford that. [An abortion] would be beneficial for my daughter. It would be beneficial for me.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signing two anti-abortion bills into law would make McCleary’s decision she made illegal now.

McCleary said, “Honestly it makes me angry. It makes me so mad because I was not in a position to have another kid. It’s not fair. It’s my body. It’s my right. [It’s] my body autonomy.

McCleary is now graduating this semester. She works in the UCO Women’s Research Center and LGBTQ plus center. She plans to continue advocating for the ones who represent the center.

A draft with a majority of the Supreme Court in favor of overturning the ruling of Roe v. Wade, granting the choice of abortion nationwide, has been leaked. This ongoing decision has led to protests and division across the nation.

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