UCO Student Association Pets a Dog

(Ryan Naeve/The Vista)

Committee updates and a discussion on available resources through the Center for Counseling and Well-Being provided a change of pace at last week’s University of Central Oklahoma Student Association meeting after several weeks of high-tension discussions over UCO’s Ken Ham controversy.
Following the approval of the previous week’s minutes, the meeting opened with a presentation on counseling and stress relief services provided by UCO’s CCWB.
The discussion had been specifically provided due to reports that Congress meetings had been tense in recent weeks, according to Alex Russell, assistant director for Health Promotion and Outreach.
“Basically, I just wanted to do a quick self-care check in with you all because I know it’s been a little stressful around here these last few weeks,” Russell said. “Specifically speaking, with the stuff that went on the last couple weeks, there may be some of you who agree or disagree with what happened, but just make sure you’re being aware of yourself.”
With no new business to discuss, the meeting moved into a 10 minute recess that provided senators the opportunity to interact with CCWB therapy dog Kevin the Greyt.
“If you ever want to request Kevin for a meeting, there is a Kevin request button on OrgSync under the Center for Counseling and Well-Being,” Russell said. “You can invite us any time, the only thing is that we are not coming to your house or your dorm room.”
The meeting then transitioned to committee updates, focusing on ongoing work by the Committee for Accountability, Reform and Transparency to review and amend UCOSA bylaws and constitutional provisions.
“We’re looking at revising the membership of each individual and if there are people who have been absent for certain unexcused reasons and didn’t justify why they were absent, we’re going to limit them to three times before passing legislation to remove them,” said Sen. Camilo Ulloa.
The Public Relations Committee announced the commencement of their Senator Spotlight social media campaign that would highlight a member of UCOSA Congress each month. The Committee for Human Diversity also announced that they had begun a process to evaluate areas across campus that could be more diversified.
“We’ve started a Google Doc that is formatted for different communities that are oppressed and ways we can help those communities,” said Human Diversity Chair Kendon Williams. “Right now, we have the Ability and Health Committee, for students with disabilities, and we’re looking at reaching out to the Disability [Support] Services Office or even Student Support Services and see what problems students are facing.”

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