UCO seeks students as in-class monitors for remote teaching

The University is looking for students to work as in-class monitors to help with technology when the instructor is not in the room.

Some faculty will be working remotely due to concerns about COVID-19 exposure. Those who are at high risk or have someone immunocompromised in their home have been afforded this option.

Student employees who are enrolled at least half-time are eligible to apply. Each college is handling it differently.

“The consistent element is that these monitors have upperclassman or graduate student status,” said Adrienne Nobles, vice president for communications and public affairs at UCO.

Those interested in being a monitor should contact the Dean’s Office for the college or the academic department office, Nobles said.

Catherine Webster, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, said Wednesday that she has about 30 faculty members who have opted to teach remotely and said monitors are needed to cover about 200 hours of class time.

Monitors will be in place Monday, even if other faculty and staff act as substitutes until other monitors are hired.

Students enrolled in monitored classes may opt to attend from home and are not required to be on campus since virtual feeds are available to both students and faculty, Webster said.

On-campus students and faculty will still be required to wear masks.

Webster emphasized instructors will enforce mask compliance in the classroom and said faculty and staff will encourage mask compliance and social distancing outside the classroom.

Students could face punishment for failure to comply with the mask policy.

Webster said the Liberal Arts and Mass Communications buildings will each have one disposable mask station for persons who find themselves on campus without a mask, including visitors.

There have been some concerns about food and drink in classrooms while wearing masks.

In response, the university tweeted this statement Thursday:

Food and drink in classrooms with computers has never been allowed.

For more information on changes the university has been implementing, click here.

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