UCO Move the Needle campaign at 24%

The University of Central Oklahoma’s “Move the Needle” campaign has been going on for awhile now, with flyers all over campus and emails sent to every student. But exactly how many students are actually vaccinated and have submitted their records?

“We’re currently at 24% of our fall enrollment self-reporting COVID-19 vaccination. That is approximately just under 3,200 students,” said Adrienne Nobles, vice president for communication and public affairs for the University of Central Oklahoma.

With a fall semester of 13,250 students and it still being a long way to go to reach 50%, a lot more promotion needs to be done.

“The university is doing a lot of promotion. You’ll see email blasts, social media, posters. I know some professors are talking about the campaign in class, but I think students can make an impact by speaking with their fellow students about it,” Nobles said.

Students who haven’t submitted their vaccination record can visit the university’s Move the Needle website and click on report your vaccination to fill out the form before the Oct. 1 deadline.


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