UCO Leadership Academy application deadline approaches

Students interested in improving their leadership skills can apply now to be a facilitator for the University of Central Oklahoma Leadership Academy. 

UCOLA is a one-day event held for Oklahoma high school freshmen to teach them about involvement in UCO’s leadership opportunities.

Students can apply to be a facilitator online at UCORE under Leadership Central. Applications are due by midnight on Oct. 30.

After applying, students will have an interview conducted by UCOLA’s executive board and adviser. If selected, applicants will undergo a training program before becoming official facilitators.

UCOLA will be held on campus on Feb. 24. At this time, it’s expected to be an in-person event.

Jose Ibarra, assistant director for UCOLA and a former facilitator, said the program is a great opportunity to affect young people’s perspectives on their future goals. 

“Students should apply for UCOLA because it’s an awesome opportunity for leaders to get involved,” Ibarra said. 

Through UCOLA, freshmen are exposed to the UCO campus and its curriculum so they can start developing their leadership abilities. In the past, facilitators have selected some participants to receive a scholarship to UCO.  

The executive board plans a leadership development curriculum that focuses on a new theme each year. Through workshops, activities, and discussions, students learn how to make a difference among their peers. Students also participate in a campus tour and a resource fair highlighting services and programs offered on campus.

“UCOLA is an empowering organization that helps not only to develop future leaders but also helps people grow in their leadership,” said UCOLA Executive Director Sarah Faust. 

“Personally, it has been one of my favorite events that UCO offers because it lets me build connections with students who will be here after I am long gone,” Faust said. “It gives me comfort in knowing that I’m helping grow the leaders that will take over UCO one day.”

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