UCO forensic department partnered with the OKC National Memorial and Museum to help preserve history

The forensics department at the University of Central Oklahoma partnered with the OKC National Memorial and Museum to create kits for elementary school students to learn about the history of the bombing with hands on experiments.

Kits included simulations of real techniques that were used in the aftermath to solve the case of the bombing, explained the education special projects coordinator for the memorial and museum Margo Naifh.

This includes processing finger prints, looking at photographs and trying to put the pieces together of what happened that way, and more.

“We want to make sure that kids know the story of what happened here because it shaped Oklahoma. With them being able to learn about how these real life skills were used in the bombing and used to preserve evidence and solve the case. It might open their eyes to different career paths and teach them the message that we teach here which is non-violence,” said Naifh.

These kits allow more students to learn this story because they can send them out to schools across the state.

According to Naifh forensics is important to learn about because it brings justice and truth to the story.

“Forensics was key to this investigation and investigations everywhere,” said Naifh.

This is not the first time the UCO forensics and science institute has collaborated with the OKC National Memorial and Museum. They also helped them create the STEM lab that is at the museum, explained Naifh.

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