UCO BronchoThon raises thousands

BronchoThon announced April 10 that they raised $65,448.21 for the yearly fundraising events.  

BronchoThon is a yearlong philanthropic organization that raises funds for Children’s Hospital Foundation through events like “GiveBack Night,” “30k in a Day,” “10k in a Day,” and “Blitz Hour.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is a nonprofit that raises funds to assist in bringing the best researchers to Oklahoma to fight pediatric illnesses according to BronchoThon.

2020-21 Executive Director Brooklyn Bloomfield stated in a message to The Vista that the funds raised have impacted her in a personal way.

“One of my cousins was born at 27 weeks and was treated near North Carolina. He was admitted to the NICU and was treated with breathing treatments, feeding tubes, and physical therapy for a couple months. He’s name is Jace, and he is a happy and healthy (almost) 3 year old” Bloomfield stated. “I was also treated at the Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital in middle and high school for a heart condition I was diagnosed with in 8th grade.”

Pre-COVID, Bronchothon and the children’s families would all gather on campus for events.

“This year was more difficult because of the pandemic, but we still had the opportunity to have zoom hangouts with families. A few [families] participated with teams for events, and some even came to the Finale in-person to share their stories!” Bloomfield stated. 

“Stronger Than Ever,” a hashtag BronchoThon used on social media, was their 2020-21 campaign theme. 

Jamie Hardison, BronchoThon vice president of communications stated: “It means that no matter what outside forces try to throw us off our mission, we will not be budged and we will continue to fight for children of oklahoma.”

BronchoThon kept tradition with their end-of-the night reveal dance marathon, but it looked different.

“This year, instead of the traditional 8 hour dance marathon, we held 2, 4 hour dance marathons so we could safely socially distance,” Bloomfield stated. “We also included squares on the floor and required masks. We still had many of the traditional activities like a morale dance, on stage dares, and family stories. And of course at the end, we invited everyone back to wantland stadium for the end of year reveal!”

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