Transformative Learning to stay

President Neuhold-Ravikumar said the university remains “deeply committed” to mission statement

UCO President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar responded to the University of Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Association of University Professor’s letter about their concern of the possible elimination of Transformative Learning from the university’s mission statement. 

On Oct. 27, Marc Goulding, president of the AAUP’s UCO Chapter, wrote a letter addressed to UCO President Neuhold-Ravikumar. 

“We write to voice our strong opposition to your plan to remove Transformative Learning from UCO’s mission,” Goulding said. “We wonder what has prompted this move away from a program that has been integral to the university’s academic mission for years.”

Goulding explained the importance of Transformative Learning at UCO and that “to remove Transformative Learning from the University’s mission is to remove much of what makes this university a successful and distinctive institution of higher learning, and threatens to give students one less reason to choose UCO over other colleges and universities.” 

On Oct. 28, Neuhold-Ravikumar responded to this letter with one of her own. 

The president said she received their letter “voicing opposition to the removal of the phrase ‘transformative learning’ from UCO’s mission statement.”

“Your accusation of a plan of this sort without consultation with the faculty community and the boldness with which you position your argument as fact are unwarranted,” Neuhold-Ravikumar said.

“Considering the work we have done to bridge communication with the AAUP and to build positive relationships with your members and leaders, I am disappointed by your misguided attempt to offer me an education on the value of transformative learning.” 

“Your assumption that I don’t understand the concept on which I lead is inappropriate and not appreciated,” Neuhold-Ravikumar said.

Neuhold-Ravikumar finished the letter stating “the university remains deeply committed to transformative learning as will continue to be reflected in our mission statement.” 

Neuhold-Ravikumar said she is pleased that their commitments match.

Transformative Learning provides students with transformative experiences across six core areas: Discipline Knowledge, Global and Cultural Competencies, Health & Wellness, Leadership, Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities, and Service Learning & Civic Engagement. 

The Student Transformative Learning Record gives students an opportunity to track their growth in these key areas that help them stand out to employers and higher education institutions. 

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning is located on the second floor of the Center for Transformative Learning building. 

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