Traffic Survey Underway in Edmond,

Edmond will complete a traffic hotspot survey this week, and its results can determine future Edmond road construction projects.

The survey opened Oct. 16 and ended Oct. 30. Citizens were asked to go online and pick out three areas in the city that they considered to be traffic hot spots. This has been the third survey in as many years.

The results to the survey will be up on the City of Edmond website until the city does another survey in 2020, according to Casey Moore, Edmond’s public information officer.

The previous survey, conducted in February 2017, listed the top five traffic hot spots as Second Street and Bryant Avenue; Covell Road and Santa Fe Avenue; Second Street from S. Boulevard to Broadway Avenue; Covell Street and Bryant Avenue; and Danforth Road and Kelly Avenue.

Previous traffic surveys were what initiated lane additions at Covell Street and Santa Fe Avenue, as well as Covell Street and Bryant Avenue, according to Andrew Conyer, Edmond’s director of management services.

The Edmond website currently lists Second Street’s intersections with Bryant Avenue and S. Boulevard as the next areas for construction.

Second Street and Bryant Avenue will have dual left turn lanes and single right turn lanes for all four directions, and is planned to cost about $2 million. Second Street and Boulevard will be widened for dual left turn lanes on the north and south sides, which will cost around $919,000. Both are planned to start in spring 2019.

Future construction projects include widening Covell Street to four lanes between Coltrane Road and Sooner Road, including left turn lanes into all side streets. The area will also have street lighting and sidewalks, and is estimated to cost around $6 million, with construction starting in fall 2019.

There will also be future construction at Danforth Road and Kelly Avenue in 2020 to create dual left turn lanes and single right turn lanes, which is estimated to cost around $5 million.

All current and future Edmond traffic construction projects can be found on the Edmond website under “traffic projects.”

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