TPS to Roll Out New Parking Permits

Transportation and Parking Services at the University of Central Oklahoma is introducing a new parking permit, which will cost half the price of a standard permit, to provide a more cost-effective option for students, faculty and staff.

Although parking permit prices are staying the same this year, TPS is introducing the new remote/evening permit, which is $62.50 and allows parking in northern parking lots during the day and multipermit lots in the evening, according to Josh Stone, director of Transportation and Parking Services.

“The remote/evening parking permit is replacing the North Parking program that has existed in previous years,” Stone said. “This permit is half the cost of a normal permit and is valid in parking lots 1, 2 and 3 east of Wantland Stadium from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day; from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. the permit is valid in any multipermit lot on campus.”

The permit is part of TPS’ efforts to provide more cost-effective options for non-traditional students and students who do not mind walking as far, according to Stone. He added that all parking lots are considered multipermit from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. each day, providing late night and early morning accessibility with the new permits.

Jennifer Sirera, assistant director of Parking Administration said TPS is hoping this will be a popular option for students with evening classes and anyone looking for a lower cost alternative to regular permits.

In addition to promoting the new passes, TPS has taken to their social media pages to promote current parking permit offerings that students may not be aware of.

Carpool permits are available for commuter students, faculty and staff. Two or more people can share the permit and split the cost of the full-price permit, which usually costs $125 according to Stone.

“A benefit of the carpool permit is that it is valid in the Nigh University Center visitor lot,” Sirera said.

The permit also valid in any commuter or multipermit lot around campus

Sirera said that each member of the carpool receives up to six complimentary one-day parking passes per semester for days when they cannot ride in the carpool.

“The program has seen a steady 25-30 permits sold per year, which means 50-120 parking spaces stay available due to not selling single permits,” Stone said.

TPS also offers bicycle registration for students who regularly use or keep their bicycles on campus.

“Anyone can register his or her bicycle on the parking website by purchasing a bicycle permit at no cost,” Sirera said.

Bicycle permits are available at the same website,, where parking permits can be bought. This process keeps all of a student’s permit information together.

“In order to register the bike, we need the bike make, predominant color and the serial number,” Stone said. “We’ve been successful in the past with finding lost or stolen bikes if it is registered.”

Even with multiple parking options at the Edmond campus, the downtown UCO campuses require separate parking passes. These passes can be obtained directly from the Carnegie Center and Academy of Contemporary Music offices, according to Stone.

These passes for the downtown campuses are available at a lower cost and are available on a semester basis rather than a yearly pass.

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