This week’s horoscopes

Aries –

A Sagittarius moon starts this week off with a bang! This is an excellent time for your wild ideas. Something hangs in the balance Tuesday when air energy sweeps through your connections. This is an excellent day to communicate with loved ones or finally have that difficult conversation. Wednesday’s full Capricorn moon could feel heavy but its serious and  practical nature gives you solid ground to stand on when you reflect on what brings you a sense of victory. This solid foundation will serve you well if emotions get big on Wednesday 300 dollar loan . You have the power to ground within yourself. It’s also an excellent day to roll with the flow as the unpredictable comes into play. Thursday and Friday shine a spotlight on your wild (and unusual) side. How can you bring the element of play into everyday life? Saturday and Sunday will both be ruled by watery Pisces and Cancer, but you don’t have to let it weigh you down. Empathy and intuition will be easier for everyone to reach during this time though emotions may cloud the vision, so a tiny bit of patience could make your weekend even better. 

Taurus –

Monday’s chaotic energy could leave you out of breath, but it’s a great day to get into your dreams of adventure. Tuesday could bring a relationship conversation and the air and earth energy will ensure practicality and compromise. You got this: hear all sides, and ask for advice if you need it. You’re on the same team. Wednesday’s full Capricorn moon could feel serious, practical, and determined as you line up the blueprints of your goals with the personal achievements of your dreams. Thursday and Friday could bring out the social butterfly in you as the moon dances through Aquarius. The weekend is chock-full of soft, loving, and empathetic energy from Pisces and Cancer. If you feel the urge to stay in, this is the perfect time to snuggle up at home. Connect with yourself and those you love. Ground yourself in what you love. This will help you set strong boundaries. Venus, planet of love, enters nurturing, sensitive Cancer on Sunday. 

Gemini –

Hey fast talker! You won’t run out of breath on Monday because you’ve been practicing for days like these. The energy will practically flow out of your fingertips. How can you use it best? Tuesday is a great time for important conversations, continuing the communicative atmosphere. Tune in to what’s most practical for you and your loved ones. Wednesday’s full Capricorn moon will heighten your sense of focus as you contemplate your plans and goals. You’ll be able to make quick decisions the same day as the universe’s unpredictable side shows up. Keep the focus on what’s most important to you, and remember that happiness and security come from within. Beware of possible manipulative interactions on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday lighten the mood as air energy takes back the sky. The weekend brings a soft, dreamy energy you might just fall for. Pisces and Cancer surround us from all sides. This is an excellent time for connecting with your emotional self as well as your loved ones. Venus makes its move into Cancer Sunday, bringing in a few weeks of empathetic intuition as well as a bit of extra sensitivity. 

Cancer –

Your week could begin with some ruffled feathers due to the fast-paced nature of the Sagittarius moon. Better vibes may find you Tuesday when a Capricorn moon gears up for the full moon Wednesday. The air is both serious and nurturing throughout the week with many planets in your sign. Tuesday is a great day to ask for advice from your elders, especially about relationships, when Venus connects with Saturn. Wednesday is prime for rethinking patterns, letting go of old habits, and reconnecting with your personal sense of accomplishment. What does the life you want look like? What are practical steps you can take to move further in that direction? Also take care Wednesday to communicate openly with others and don’t be afraid to set a boundary if you need to. Thursday and Friday could perhaps feel a little strange due to the unorthodox Aquarius moon, but trust your energy, even if it leads you to go against the flow. This weekend your sign rules the sky, bringing in energy that will make you feel right at home. A sweet Sun-Mercury conjunction Saturday brightens your day and puts the weekend off to a lovely start, and on Sunday, trines with Neptune in Pisces bring supportive and empathetic energy that will strengthen your connections. That same day Venus shifts into your sign for the next few weeks. This is a prime time for developing your relationships with others. 

Leo –

The Sagittarius moon lifts you up and lights your fire Monday. The earthy Capricorn moon gears up Tuesday and Wednesday to bring you a new perspective on your personal definition of success. What patterns support your goals? Which hinder you? Additionally, a Venus-Saturn connection may have you considering your compromises early in the week. Your personal light shines on everyone around you this weekend as Cancer energy takes over the sky. Emotions may be running high this weekend with planets in Cancer connecting with planets in Pisces, but keeping cool, setting boundaries where needed, and practicing empathy will balance it out. Lots of creative energy connecting in the sky may have you feeling inspired. Take a walk or paint a picture! Venus slips into a dark blue dress for the next few weeks, taking the sensitive and emotional Cancer as her guide. Follow your heart and make sure not to lose yourself in relationships. 

Virgo –

You can take advantage of your restless spirit Monday to put more energy into your current projects while Tuesday is a good time to seek out guidance. The Capricorn full moon gears up to fill the sky Wednesday. This energy is light enough to make productivity and progress easier for you but serious enough to incite introspection about your goals. You might also be considering your compromises and sacrifices this week. Trusting your gut will aid you if you need to make a quick decision. The Aquarius moon later in the week might throw off your sense of direction but also brings the promise of marching to the beat of your own drum. As the week draws to a close and the weekend appears, connections between planets in Cancer and Pisces create a radically soft, emotional, sensitive, and creative atmosphere. This is a lovely time to express what you’ve been feeling. As an earth sign, grounding yourself will help you center among the watery sky. Venus in Cancer for the next few weeks continues the soft and sensitive energy, spreading into your relationships. Remember that you deserve love but also that you can give that love to yourself.

Libra –

A Sagittarius moon starts off your week with quick thinking! Is an adventure in store? Capricorn energy grounds on Tuesday and Wednesday, calling on you to consider some of life’s more practical matters. How does your personal definition of success measure up to your dreams, goals, and the steps you’ve made so far? Take a deep breath. The answers will make themselves known. You may also be doing some of your trademark peacemaker compromise work on Tuesday when Venus connects with Saturn. On Wednesday especially make sure you are communicating clearly and setting boundaries where needed. Some of the most important conversations may not necessarily be the easiest ones to have. Thursday and Friday’s cheeky Aquarian energy matches up well with you, so these days are likely to have a social vibe. Speaking of time with those you love, you are going to love this weekend! Cancer and Pisces rule the sky, sending waves of softness and empathy your way. Venus in Cancer promises weeks of emotions that could potentially turn romantic if they aren’t already.

Scorpio –

A Sag moon Monday could make you pensive, but never fear. Tuesday, Venus in Gemini connects with Saturn in Aquarius and you may have a chance to rework or reconsider the compromises and sacrifices you make in relationships. Capricorn rules the full moon Wednesday, calling into account your journey to your goals. What needs to stay and what needs to go? You’ll know. Avoid manipulative people by setting strong boundaries. Communication may be especially important mid-week. The Aquarius moon at the later end of the week calls you to experiment. This is the perfect time to try something new. Finally, the weekend arrives, and brings with it a wave of watery energy. Emotional conversations are likely now and you are likely to be incredibly in tune with your intuition through Sunday. Ride the waves and tune in to your inner voice. Venus in Cancer promises some empathetic chemistry through the next few weeks.

Sagittarius –

This week starts with the moon in your sign on Monday, bringing about a refreshing energy that you intuitively know how to work with. The moon shifting into Capricorn Tuesday brings a grounding, practical energy that could feel stifling, but you know how to move through it. Venus in Gemini connects with an Aquarian Saturn the same day, so prepare for conversations around relationships, sacrifices, and expectations. It’s also a good day to seek advice. Wednesday’s full moon encourages you to look practically at your goals. Your adventurous nature will guide you towards personal achievement. A good thing, because something unexpected may occur the same day. Remember that you are your own inner strength and you should be just fine. A Thursday and Friday with the moon in friendly Aquarius might provide welcome relief from Wednesday’s stars. A Pisces moon softens this weekend, bringing in a good scoop of empathy and intuition. Saturday may focus your attention at home while Sunday could echo inspiration, creativity, emotional support, or romantic encounters as Venus shifts into loving Cancer. 

Capricorn –

A burst of productivity is possible Monday if you can harness the creative restlessness of the Sagittarius moon. The moon in your sign Tuesday gears up for the full moon Wednesday, inciting a review of your personal achievements, goals, and how you’re measuring up to your internal sense of accomplishment. An unexpected twist or two will be easily handled by your practical sense and enhanced decision making skills. Strong emotional boundaries are of growing importance and something bubbling under the surface may come to a head today. Be true to yourself. An Aquarian moon will create bubbly space for analytical thinking on Thursday and Friday that you may use to your advantage. Your weekend will be guided by the Pisces moon’s interactions with planets in Pisces and Cancer. Read: soft and dreamy but beware of illusion. It will be easier to be empathetic but there is a chance you may feel unmoored from your own shores. Ground and center as needed, and this watery weekend will bring tons of joy and the possibility of sweet emotional connections that nurture everyone involved. Venus stations in the sign of sweet, nurturing, and sensitive Cancer on Sunday, bringing in emotional energy that will last for weeks. 

Aquarius –

Monday is bright and shiny. Easily distractible, perhaps, but what fun! Tuesday shifts air energy front and center with the Gemini Venus – Aquarius Saturn conjunction. This indicates a questioning of how the gears fit together within your relationships. Asking for advice from a trusted elder or friend is a good bet. Wednesday’s Capricorn moon could feel serious but your analytical mind will be working quickly, even if under the surface. Questions to ponder now include “How are my goals and dreams aligning with where I am today?” You have the power to make changes. Thursday and Friday might just rock your world with an Aquarius moon shaking things up just the right amount. You know the vibe. The weekend is washed in blue glitter – or at least it seems that way when Cancer and Pisces energy fills up the sky! Softness and creativity come more naturally during this period even if others’ emotions don’t immediately make sense to you. Empathy is one way through. Venus in Cancer introduces a dreamy worldview to your romantic and/or social side that will linger until mid-August.

Pisces –

Dream weaver, this week will bring challenges that put your practical brain to work, but the weekend promises sweet energy with trines focused on Neptune in your sign. Flowing through Monday’s chaos should be pretty easy, but keeping in touch with yourself will be important this week. Potential relationship conversations on Tuesday could focus on compromise. Make sure you don’t lose yourself in your relationships. Wednesday’s Capricorn moon initiates the big questions of whether your dreams are aligned with your current reality. You will be intuitively drawn towards the direction you need to take. Boundaries are a theme that this week may focus on for everyone, but especially you and Libra. Some introspection may be needed to determine where your limits lay. Heads up, an Aquarian moon on Thursday and Friday could have you feeling out of it! Center in what makes you feel most you. Creative, intuitive, and emotional processes will be easy this weekend as planets in sweet Cancer connect with Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Cancer Sunday is here to stay until mid-August, promising a deeper kind of sweetness and softness in your connections. 

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