The U.S. aids Ukraine

The U.S. recently decided to give the Czech Republic $200 million to get more military equipment after they gave hundreds of pieces of it to Ukraine so they can defend themselves against Russia. This decision has the ability to effect a UCO student who has family in the Czech Republic.

Junior Emily Cole has family from the Czech Republic and is very involved in the Czech community in Oklahoma. She also served as Miss Czech Slovak for two years.

“We are no stranger in the Czech Republic to what’s going on in the Ukraine right now” said Cole.

The Czech Republic has faced similar conflict with Russia in the past. In 1948 the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia and put them under communist rule and they were not freed from it until 1989.

The ability of the the Czech Republic to aid Ukraine is has had a positive impact but Cole is still worried about her family in the Czech Republic.

“They might not be knocking on the Czech Republic’s door right now but when their done with Ukraine, who’s next.”

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