Super Mario Bros. delivers ‘Wonder’-ful experience 

When it comes to making good games consistently, no one does it like Nintendo. For years, they set the standard in video games, and they have sustained and maintained their quality since the video game boom in the 80’s and 90’s. “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is a testament to the quality of work Nintendo puts into their games and is the newest installment in the Mario franchise, following in the footsteps of previous 2D side-scrollers like New Super Mario Bros. The game is, well, Wonderful, to say the least. 

The game’s design is full of bright colors, wacky enemies, and a setting that really lets the imagination wander as players drift throughout the levels. While the graphics aren’t groundbreaking, they don’t have to be to showcase a smooth and fluid movement system that really rewards player inputs. “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” definitely feels like an updated version of the older titles, while also adding in new mechanics to enhance the gameplay experience. The addition of Wonder Flowers gives a whole other dimension to the game, literally.

 Each level has a different effect that can take place when using a Wonder Flower, such as the screen orientation shifting to a top-down view, Mario changing into different forms like Elephant Mario, or making the level move in strange ways. 

There are a few downsides to the game, but they don’t take away from the experience. One aspect that players might find annoying is the inclusion of flowers that follow players throughout the level and encourage the player to press forward. These are obviously put in for younger audiences playing the game, so adults may find the dialog to be a bit childish at points. The story is also bare bones, as it is in most of the Mario games. Bowser comes and tries to implement his evil plans, and Mario and friends have to stop him. While it has been done numerous times, the story isn’t what draws you in – it’s the journey throughout the levels that gives players that sense of accomplishment when they finally get to the end. Another thing that might be of concern is the difficulty. While “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” isn’t the easiest game in the world, it leaves much to be desired in terms of challenging the players. But there are some challenges for those players, and completionists will have their hands full trying to do everything in Wonder. 

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is just a fun time all around. Nintendo did not do anything groundbreaking, but it didn’t have to; while the “Super Mario Bros.” formula has been tweaked and perfected throughout the years, Nintendo has not had to worry about reinventing the wheel. Instead, they can hand the reins over to the development team and just let them try new ideas. 

This level of trust in a development staff can only be achieved when the team has worked together for a while, and Nintendo has a great record of staff retention throughout the years. For players looking for something that shakes up the gaming world, this might not be the title, but if you just want a game that offers a fun time with lots of creativity and passion behind it, then “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is that game.

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