Students Build-A-Lamb during inauguration week 

Jiwoo Han

Contributing Writer

A cardboard cutout of President Lamb was present at the event. (JIWOO HAN/THE VISTA)

Last Wednesday, as the UCO campus prepared for President Todd Lamb’s inauguration, students celebrated in a special and appropriate way: with lambs.

Kinesey Sherman, a sophomore double majoring in funeral service and forensic investigation, serves as executive director of the Student Programming Board (SPB) for the 2024-2025 term. She shared insights into the inspiration behind the Build-A-Lamb event and its significance during inauguration week.

“Typically, we do Build-A-Broncho at the end of every semester, but this year, we decided to do something different to tie in with President Lamb’s inauguration,” Sherman said. “I wanted to add a funny twist like bringing an actual live lamb to the event.”

The event featured two bottle-fed baby lambs and an adult sheep. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the lambs, from walking the sheep around to holding and feeding the babies.

“They loved it,” Sherman said. “Students could feed them, walk around with them — it was a hit.”

Planning the event required careful coordination. Sherman and other SPB executives followed a similar process to their usual Build-A-Broncho events, meeting with vendors and ordering extra supplies to ensure they wouldn’t run out quickly.

“We contacted the farm, and they brought the lambs,” Sherman said. “We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to interact with them, even if we sold out of the stuffed ones.”

For Sherman, hosting her first event as executive director was a significant milestone.

“I felt like I was finally stepping into a higher position and getting to actually talk with people, hear their ideas, and have that support,” she said.

But beyond personal milestones, the Build-A-Lamb event served a larger purpose: fostering a sense of community and school spirit during a momentous week.

“We wanted everyone to remember this moment and interact with President Lamb,” Sherman said. “It’s about bringing everyone together and creating a sense of excitement for the future.”

Looking ahead, Sherman hopes events like these will encourage more student involvement in SPB activities.

“Ultimately, we just want everyone to have a good time and feel connected to their campus community,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

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