Student Reports Roaches in University Commons

A student living in the University Commons, who wishes to remain anonymous, has reported to the Vista that her apartment has had cockroaches since moving in last August.

The student said she has turned in the issue to housing multiple times, but the problem has persisted. One time she encountered a maintenance worker who had come to spray, but did not realize it was for cockroaches.

According to, the American Cockroach is most likely to infest homes in the U.S. and can mature in one month. Females lay anywhere from six to 14 egg capsules in their lifetime, and nymphs hatch from the eggs after four to eight weeks.

The problem is not widespread based on maintenance requests, according to Scott Monetti, director of Housing and Dining.

Any students with concerns can contact Monetti at and he said he will look into the problem and address it personally.

The Vista is currently gathering more information on this developing story, and any student with a similar experience is welcome to contact us at

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