Sisteria blows minds and reveals singer’s pregnancy at Tower

Callie Turley

Contributing Writer


Psychedelic rock band Sisteria performed its first show of the year March 30 at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City while opening for the band Queensrÿche. Sisteria consists of lead singer Katie Williams, drummer Steve Boaz, guitarist Richie Tarver, guitarist Nathan Lofties, bassist Matthew Jewel, and pianist Matthew Knudson. The sound of Sisteria consists of mystical vocals mixed with psychedelic rock instrumentals. 

Sisteria’s set started at 8 p.m. with the enchanting “Om/Yes” that feels like a siren song. Williams walked on stage with a crown and a black veil. Midway through the song, Williams took off her ensemble and, with shock from the audience, revealed her pregnancy. She later said they will be welcoming the seventh member of Sisteria in June. 

After the announcement, they played the powerful “Wade My Way” which begins slowly and speeds up to a roar of sound. Following that was “Reaper” with instrumentals similar to classic rock music featuring a guitar solo from Richie Tarver. 

Next was the mystical “Pale in the Darkness” where Williams’ powerful stage presence shined. Williams had this magical energy like Stevie Nicks combined with the vocals of Florence Welch. She had this confidence and energy on stage that commands the crowd. 

Sisteria finished their set with the energetic “Hunger” which has an incredible buildup amplified by Boaz on the drums. Then the song explodes into a whirlwind of guitar and vocals. Lofties uses the bow of a violin to play his guitar during “Hunger.” This song is where the band is at its best. You can hear every member and feel the energy. They come together to create a powerful effect. 

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