Review: ‘Masters of The Air’ is a high-flying showcase of World War II history

     “Masters of The Air” is yet another fine addition into the world of great World War II media. The confident direction, diligence in being as historically authentic as possible, and the great acting from the main cast makes yet another fantastic show about the exploits of the heroic men who fought in World War II. While the idea of following a group of aircraft pilots and their crew might sound boring, the show wastes no time in upping the intensity of what these guys had to go through. There’s the sense when you’re up in the air, if you make one mistake you could die. From the first episode, the show is ramped with tension as our main characters have to survive while in the air, and it never lets up. 

     Yet like with the two previous shows, “Masters of The Air” showcases a gift for showcasing the smaller, human moments between the characters. We see well known actors such as Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan get to play with good scripts and they make the series their own. While I wasn’t as fond of “Elvis,” I still find Butler is a capable actor, and in this we see him take a quieter role. Comparisons will probably be made to Damian Lewis’ exquisite performance as Richard Winters in “Band of Brothers.” Butler has a quiet dignity to him and a steely resolve which makes him a good fit as the leader of this group of men. 

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