Restoring Minds Club works to provide a safe space on campus

Taylor Chase

Contributing Writer

Treat your mind right. (Amel Uzunovic)

The potential for an impactful change in mental health at The University of Central Oklahoma has been put into motion by the Restoring Minds Club. The club provides a safe space for students to share their mental health experiences and provide them with resources during a crisis. 

Zakia Booth, founder and president of the Restoring Minds Club, the club started with the mission to better the mental health of men, who commit suicide at twice the rate of women. She said reaching out to the community on a personal level makes an impact.

“This organization is for everyone,” Booth said. “We’re not staff or professionals, we’re college students trying to figure everything out. Also, it just makes people feel safer knowing we care enough about them to reach out. My favorite thing about this club is our board. Everyone has such creative minds and are just so passionate about mental health.” 

Members of the Restoring Minds Club dedicate themselves to raise awareness and deal with the challenges that come with mental health. The club offers a space where everyone can bravely recognize and proactively address their mental health needs. 

Karington Cheatham, the events coordinator, wants people to be confident and acknowledge the statuses of their mental health. 

“In my perspective, this profound club is helpful by destigmatizing mental health conversations and empowering individuals to embrace and improve their mental well-being,” Cheatham said. “My absolute favorite thing undoubtedly lies in its members, who exemplify unwavering support, inclusivity and creating a strong sense of community.” Photo by Amel Uzunovic:

The Restoring Minds Club will be holding its first event, Picnic Pages, 6:30 p.m. Sept. 19 at Plunkett Park. The event will focus on journals and the importance of journaling as a coping mechanism. To learn more, follow the Restoring Minds Club @restoringminds.uco on Instagram. 

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