Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe projected winner of re-election

Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe is projected to defeat Democratic candidate Abby Broyles for Oklahoma’s U.S. Senate seat and will remain in office for another six years. 

The contrast in age for the campaign was stark. Inhofe, who is 85, battled the Democratic challenger Broyles, who is the minimum age required for election to the U.S. Senate at 30. 

Inhofe chose not to take part in a debate in this race, which Broyles and her campaign exploited noting that Inhofe is no longer up for the job. 

Inhofe has held the seat since 1994. He has spent 34 years in Congress, the last 26 of those in the Senate. Inhofe is a pro-life advocate, a supporter of President Trump’s border wall and is against federal healthcare. Inhofe has also been involved in several pro-life bills. 

Broyles tried/did (depending who wins) to become the first Democrat to represent Oklahoma in the senate since David Boren’s departure in 1994. Broyles top campaign issues include gender pay gap, decriminalizing marijuana, climate change and reforming Oklahoma’s criminal justice system. Broyles also wants to improve access to health care for Oklahomans.

Inhofe’s political career began in 1967. Inhofe started out in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Since then Inhofe has also served in the Oklahoma Senate for eight years and was the mayor of Tulsa from 1978 to 1984. 

Broyles has a background in journalism as she worked as an investigative reporter for KFOR. Broyles also has a background in law as she worked as an attorney in Oklahoma.

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