Real Estate Minor Gains Donations

The University of Central Oklahoma’s real estate program will now be providing scholarships to students as a result of donations the program received Sept. 19 at the UCO Real Estate Endowment Reception at the Central Boathouse.

Alumni Jack Evans gifted the program $100,000 to create the Theresa Sue Evans Endowed Scholarship for Real Estate, along with multiple other donations were made by other real estate professionals.

“We do not have it all tallied up yet, but it looks like we have about $150,000 to $160,000 endowed money in the program,” said David Chapman, associate professor in the College of Business.

Chapman started the real estate program at UCO eight years ago, but has also taught entrepreneurship and management information systems. He has owned technology, real estate brokerage, home building, mortgage and property management companies over the years.

“Jack Evans was one of the top students in UCO’s finance program,” Chapman said.

Chapman and Evans did business with each other for a while.

“I would sell him a house, he would fix it up and then I would sell the house when he was done with it,” Chapman said. “We did this for years together and now he is a part of a home building company and has just done terrific.”

Evans is a managing partner in TimberCraft Homes, which builds homes in Mustang, Yukon and Edmond.

I think its fantastic that we have students that want to give back to help our future students said Stephen Black, chair of the finance department.

Evans donated this scholarship fund in honor of his wife of 30 years, Theresa Sue Evans, who helped support him through college.

With an endowment donation, the recipient cannot touch the principle, just the interest. Therefore interest from this donation will offer an annual $4,000 scholarship.

Gifts provide scholarships, endowment for UCO real estate program

— NewsOK (@NewsOK) September 21, 2018

UCO’s real estate program is the only university program of its kind in the state. It is a minor in the College of Business’ Finance Department, consisting of 75 to 80 students.

Chapman said the program is very diverse, as students with the minor come from major programs such as liberal arts, industrial safety, interior design or education.

The department has a committee who will decide the scholarship recipient. The recipient will have to be a real estate minor and a part of the Real Estate Club, according to Chapman.

Evans will have some say in candidates for the scholarships as well.

“Jack worked while he was in school, so it may be a situation where we choose someone who is working a job during college,” Chapman said.

Black says he finds students that work during college very admirable, and is committed to helping these students out in any way.

To become a successful realtor today, Chapman said that it is important to understand the whole business. He added that being a people person is a huge part of the job, but being analytical in finances and articulate in writing leases and giving presentations helps tremendously.

He also said that there are multiple other opportunities in real estate besides being a realtor.

Chapman said he believes the real estate program at UCO has an advantage on all other programs, helping prepare students for all fields of real estate.

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