Raised by wolves vs. raised by teachers

The teachers are walking out in Oklahoma and it’s not for exercise. It’s for money. That’s right, the green cheddar that fuels the souls of every man, woman and child in America. In this state, teachers are paid less than almost every other state in the nation.
This begs the question; do you learn more being taught by teachers or by a pack of wolves?
I went into the jungles of South America and found a man named Cubling, who was raised by wolves. Then, I returned to Oklahoma and found a man named Bill, who was raised by teachers. I asked them both four questions. Here’s what I found:
1. What was the most important thing you’ve been taught in life?
Bill: “Teachers have always been there for me whenever I felt like I didn’t belong. I was bullied at a young age and I was always able to rely on my teachers to help me feel better about myself. They taught me patience, compassion, and a general understanding of the human race. I loved all of my teachers.”
Cubling: “Arf, arf, arf, arrrrrrff.”
2. Who inspired you the most throughout your life?
Bill: “Well, there was Mrs. Garber in the third grade. I was having some troubles at home and she knew that. So she promised me that she would always be there for me whenever I needed someone. I still keep in contact with her. She’s the best.”
Cubling: “Owwwwrrrr. Arf, arf, arf, owwwwwrrr.”
3. What would you say is the most important aspect of school?
Bill: “I would say the teachers. You don’t realize it until after you graduate, but you needed them the whole time. Yes, there were some that weren’t as amazing as others. But the ones that get you excited to learn, those are the ones that deserve the upmost respect and adoration. I’m a lawyer and a doctor thanks to the teachers I had throughout my life.”
Cubling: {Has begun eating the chair.}
4. The final question; those who have taught you, what do you think they deserve?
Bill: “Personally, I think they deserve everything. I am in a healthy relationship, with a great job, and two lovely children. This isn’t thanks to my family. I didn’t have a great household growing up. This is thanks to all of the teachers who taught me that I can be and do whatever I wanted to be and do. Without teachers, I would be a disgusting individual.”
Cubling: {At this point in the interview, we have lost Cubling. He bit my leg and ran out the door. If you see Cubling at all, be sure to contact the Vista and stay far away from him. The wolfman is extremely dangerous.}
So, that’s it. You can come up with your own conclusion as to which is the better option: teachers or wolves. The teachers want more of that stupendous green cheddar (money), but what are the wolves getting for teaching people like Cubling?
{Again, if you find Cubling, do not approach him. He is extremely dangerous. Call the Vista and take immediate cover.}

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