President-elect Shannon brings experience

De Shannon and DeLauren Diaz were named UCO Student Association President and Vice President, respectively, for the 2021-22 school year, UCOSA announced in an Instagram post Wednesday.

Shannon and Diaz ran uncontested, receiving all of the 266 votes cast last Tuesday. They will be sworn-in Monday.

Shannon, a junior forensic science major, has served as chair of Congress during the 2020-21 school year. 

Also a junior, Diaz is studying psychology. She started the school year as secretary before being promoted to vice chair of Congress at the start of spring term after the former vice chair resigned.

“My previous experience as Chair of Congress will assist me in the executive branch by carrying over knowledge of how UCOSA operates, preexisting relationships with the administration and how to effectively communicate the wishes of the student body to the many offices around campus,” Shannon said.

Shannon said his primary goal is a “potential transition back into a pre-COVID-19 era.”

“This depends on the direction that the school will take,” Shannon said, “but if there are less restrictions, I hope to help be a transparent and effective voice between the students and administrators.

“Some students have not seen a different collegiate experience, and I want to help them and all students with that transition,” Shannon said.

Shannon also hopes to make UCOSA a “familiar face for students to feel comfortable expressing their concerns.”

Sitting UCOSA President James Limbaugh said he was relieved to know that UCOSA “will be in good hands.”

“I have seen [Shannon and Diaz’s] work ethic first-hand,” Limbaugh said. “Their vision and determination will lead them to success in their new positions.

“Our student body is beyond lucky to have them running the show,” Limbaugh said.

The post also announced the results of senatorial elections.

For the college of liberal arts: Josh Chao, Emily Grim, Beyonce Hammond, Tyler Owens and Sakinah Smith.

For the college of business: Tyler Garcia, Lauren Harman, Makayla Freeman, Siamyra Wilson and Johny Hayes.

For the college of fine arts and design: Trinity Davis, Bear Harlow, Alexis Howry.

For the college of education and professional studies: Thi Vuong, Kyiv Woodson, Lauren Berry, Robert Merchant, Mary Grace Robertson, Zayne Trimm, Ari Morgan and Amariah Sheffield.

For the college of math and science: Clare Jordan, Joshua Valdez, Bonnie King, Jakob Carlson, Caleb Miller and Jasmine Cooper.

For on-campus living: Lukas Byfield, Jacob Moralez, Hannah Scarier and Austin Doepke.

For off-campus living: Keely Dooley, Callie Hambrick, Alexxa Lewis, Taylor Allyn and Saul Perez.

“I want the senators to be proactive with their voice and push legislation that they are passionate about,” Shannon said. “I will be receptive to their ideas and offer any advice I can offer to make the legislative process sound.”

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