Oklahoma Primaries: Race By Race

Article written and compiled by JaNae Williams and Sarah Hite.

Oklahoma will hold elections for several races in a June 30 primary.

The Vista has created a guide to some key items voters will find on both Republican ballots and Democratic ballots. This includes specifics on some local and county races, as well as, synopses of candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives and the state question for Oklahoma voters. Links have also been provided to candidates for state Senate and House Districts websites when available.

*- Denotes incumbent candidate

On all ballots:

There will be one state question on the ballot: State Question 802, Initiative Petition No. 419, regarding medicaid expansion.

Voters will choose to vote for or against the approval of the proposed expansion of Medicaid for the State of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is currently one of 14 states that has not expanded Medicaid.

This expansion would provide healthcare to approximately 200,000 low-income adults in Oklahoma, according to okpolicy.org. Medicaid expansion would be funded 90% by the federal government and the state would be responsible for the additional 10%.

The following races will also appear on ballots for Oklahoma County residents based on their home address and party affiliation:

Oklahoma County Sheriff:

Democratic ballot candidates: Virgil L. Green Sr and Wayland Cubit and Republican ballot candidates: P.D. Taylor*, Tommie Johnson III and Mike McCully.

 Moore Public Schools, Board Member, Office No. 5:

The candidates are Amanda Jeffers and Jenny Statler. Official candidate websites and platforms could not be found. 

City Of The Village, Councilmember, Councilman, Ward 5:

The candidates are Sonny Wilkinson and Dustin Struthers.

Luther Public Schools, Board Member, Office No. 3 (Unexpired Term):

The candidates are Gerald McCauley Sr. and Brandon Rogers. Official candidate websites and platforms could not be found. 

Putnam City Public Schools, Board Member, Office No. 5:

The candidates are Dick Click and Gail LoPresto. Official candidate websites and platforms could not be found. 

Midwest City-Del City Public Schools, Proposition:

Voters will choose whether or not to approve a General Obligation Bond. (Bonds payable from ad valorem (property) taxes levied against all taxable property located within the School District, excepting homestead and other lawful exemptions.)

The total bond amount is $8,840,000. Each school would receive improvements from this bond. If the bond passes, millage rates will remain the same. This is not a vote for a property tax increase.

Bond funds can be used for construction and remodeling of facilities, purchase of technology, equipment, furniture, and textbooks, site improvements, purchase of musical instruments, or purchase of buses. 

Bond funds cannot be used for staff salaries and wages, general operating expenses and maintenance, classroom supplies, or administration. 

Republican Ballot Races

Corporation Commissioner candidates:

The two candidates are Harold D Spradling and Todd Hiett*.

United States Senate candidates:

Neil Mavis – Mavis believes in restoring lost constitutional rights. He also advocates for restoring bankruptcy options for student debt relief. Mavis looks to build relationships by bringing both parties together in order to solve problems facing Americans, according to his campaign website.

Jim Inhofe * – Inhofe has held his senate seat since 1995. He has voted to repeal the ACA and to criminalize abortions in the past. Inhofe as denounced climate change and has advocated for banning same-sex marriage and making English the national language of the United States. 

John Tompkins –  Oklahoma City based surgeon. An official candidate website and platform could not be found.

 JJ Stitt – Stitt is a Second Amendment advocate with a law enforcement background. He supports funding of the border wall. Stitt does not support renaming U.S. Military installations named after confederate leaders. Stitt claims he is a distant cousin of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, according to his campaign website.

United States Representative candidates for District 4:

Trevor Sipes – Sipes is a Midwest City, Oklahoma native, former pharmacist and real estate broker. He advocates for fully repealing the ACA, education reform in the form of removing Common Core requirements, a path to legal immigration and funding of the border wall. He is pro-life and pro Second Amendment and supports improved benefits for veterans and active troops, according to his campaign website. 

Tom Cole * – Cole is a member of the Chickasaw nation and a resides in Moore, Oklahoma. His voting record includes 68 votes to repeal the ACA and votes in favor of building the border wall. He maintains a 100% pro-life stance and advocates for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Cole also supports increasing U.S. oil exports and continued involvement in the oil and gas and fossil fuel industries. He is an advocate of limiting regulations on businesses. 

Gilbert O. Sanders – Sanders is an Oklahoma native and Army veteran with experience in psychology, specifically developing programs for substance abuse treatment. An official candidate website and platform could not be found.

James Taylor – Taylor is an Oklahoma City teacher and a pastor in Norman, Oklahoma. He advocates for limiting the scope of government in respect to education, the economy and agriculture. He is pro-life.

United States Representative candidates for District 5:

Charles Tuffy Pringle  – Pringle is from McLoud, Oklahoma. An official candidate website and platform could not be found. 

Michael Ballard – Ballard is an abortion abolitionist candidate and pro free-market. He is a retired combat veteran and he supports a stronger border.

Stephanie Bice – Bice was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2014 and now looks to make the move to the U.S. House. According to her website, Bice has been endorsed by Oklahoma Right to Life and has maintained an A-rating from the National Rifle Association.

Terry Neese – Neese became the first woman nominated by a major political party for the seat of Lt. Governor of Oklahoma in 1990. She is pro-life and a member of the NRA. As an entrepreneur, Neese believes in small business and is against big-government policies.

Miles V. Rahimi – Rahimi is an Oklahoma native and veteran. After eight years in the navy, he began his political career. Rahimi is a pro-Life, pro Second Amendment Conservative who, according to his website, will fight against illegal immigration.

David Hill – Hill is a supporter of the current administration and is pro-life. He is interested in supporting healthcare reform and defending religious rights in the state.

Shelli Landon – Landon believes in stronger support for the oil and gas industry. According to her website, she will fight for Second Amendment rights, stronger border security and pro-life policies.

Janet Barresi – Barresi supports the fight to secure the border, cut spending, defend unborn life, promote market-driven health care reform, a strong military and defend the Second Amendment.

Jake A. Merrick – Merrick advocates for protecting the Second Amendment, infrastructure restoration and healthcare reform, including making vaccinations a choice.

Democratic Ballot Races

United States Senate candidates:

Abby Broyles – Broyles is a native of Bethany Oklahoma, a former broadcast journalist and lawyer. Broyles is an advocate for closing the gender pay gap, providing healthcare options to all Oklahomans, addressing climate change and ensuring the safety of children without compromising Second Amendment rights. She is also a proponent of providing funding to our troops, reforming the criminal justice system, decriminalizing medical marijuana at the federal level and supporting American farmers. 

Sheila Bilyeu – Bilyeu was born in Mooreland, Oklahoma and maintains residences in both Oklahoma and Arizona. Her platform is centered on “peace and justice,” according to her campaign website which states she has views similar to Bernie Sanders. She is an advocate for Medicare for All, student debt relief and free tuition at public universities. 

R.O. Joe Cassity, Jr. – Cassity is a lawyer, Army veteran, former teacher and lifelong democrat. He supports civil rights, women’s rights, and the American Union Labor Movement. An official candidate website could not be found. 

Elysabeth Britt –  Britt is an Oklahoma native raised in Lawton and Oklahoma City and a Marine Corp veteran. She is an advocate for reinvestment in public education, healthcare for all, including a focus on rebuilding rural healthcare systems, and an immigration system that works in favor of finding a path to citizenship. She also supports an increase in the tax deductible amount of childcare for American families, responsible and common-sense gun legislation, student loan subsidies and forgiveness for certain careers, raising the minimum wage and equal protection for all under the law regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, or genetic information. 

United States Representative candidates for District 4:

David R. Slemmons – Slemmons was born in Berkeley, California, but has lived in Norman, Oklahoma since completing his graduate degree at The University of Oklahoma. He advocates for education and healthcare as basic human rights, while also campaigning for protecting the environment. Slemmons supports women’s rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. He has participated in marches against racism, war, and the detention of child migrants.

Mary Brannon – Brannon is an advocate of affordable healthcare, through lowering premiums and prescription costs. She also supports veterans initiatives, government transparency and investment in improving our education system. Brannon is a former registered republican who became a democrat. She is a Norman native and former teacher. 

John D. Argo – Argo is an Oklahoma City native, residing in Norman and a small business owner. He is an advocate for fair, affordable and equitable healthcare access and open and transparent government.

United States Representative candidates for District 5:

Kendra S. Horn* – Horn is a Chickasha native. She has worked in the space and aeronautics industry. Most recently, she founded Women Lead Oklahoma, a nonpartisan nonprofit that encourages women to participate in civic life.  Horn is a member of several caucuses, including: The Native American Caucus, The Women’s Caucus and The New Democrat Coalition.

Tom Guild – Guild advocates for the following according to his website: Medicare for all, The Green New Deal, a living wage, protecting the Power to Organize Act and limiting the power of the President to start new endless wars, including but not limited to Iran, without the approval of Congress.

State Senate District Elections

Senate District 1: Craig, Delaware, Mayes and Ottawa counties

James Fuser is running as a Republican against incumbent Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R-Adair). The northeastern Oklahoma seat drew no other candidates, so the winner of the GOP primary will be the next officeholder.

Candidates: Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R)*, James Fuser (R)

Senate District 5: McCurtain, Choctaw, Pushmataha, Atoka and Le Flore Counties

Sen. Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow) has represented SD 5 since winning a special election in 2014. The seat represents the area surrounding Broken Bow, including all of McCurtain, Choctaw and Pushmataha counties and parts of Atoka and Le Flore counties. Five candidates, two Democrats and three Republicans, will vie to replace Silk.

Republican candidates: George Burns (R), Justin Jackson (R), Jimmy Westbrook (R)

Democratic candidates: Randy Coleman (D), Bevon Rogers (D)

Senate District 13:  Garvin, Hughes, Pontotoc, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties

With no Democratic candidates in the race, the southeastern Oklahoma seat will be decided in the primary between Sen. Greg McCortney and Carisa Roberson.

Candidates: Greg McCortney (R), Carisa Roberson (R)

Senate District 17: Oklahoma and Pottawatomie counties

The Senate District 17 primary will feature two Republican challengers attempting to unseat incumbent and former educator Sen. Ron Sharp (R-Shawnee), with the winner squaring off against Libertarian candidate Greg Sadler in November. The cities and townships in this district include: Oklahoma City, Choctaw, Harrah, Luther, Jones, McLoud and Shawnee.

Republican candidates: Sen. Ron Sharp (R)*, Brandon Baumgarten (R), Shane Jett (R)

Libertarian Candidate: Greg Sadler (L)

Senate District 19: Alfalfa, Garfield, Grant and Kay counties

No other candidates filed, so the Republican primary between Sen. Roland Pederson (R-Burlington) and David Mason will decide the Enid-area seat.  Pederson has been endorsed by U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), the NRA and Oklahomans for Public Education.

Candidates: Sen. Roland Pederson (R)*, David Mason (R)

Senate District 28: Lincoln, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties

 Rep. Zack Taylor (R-Seminole) will compete for the seat alongside Christian Ford and Mike Haines. As all are Republicans, the next senator from SD 28 will be decided in the primary if any candidate gets a majority of the vote. If none of the three candidates tops 50 percent in the primary, a runoff election would be held Aug. 25.

Candidates: Christian Ford (R), Mike Haines (R), Rep. Zack Taylor (R)

Senate District 35: Tulsa area

The seat’s current holder, Sen. Gary Stanislawski (R-Tulsa), terms out this year after 12 years in office. SD 35 covers much of the area just west of downtown Tulsa and along the east bank of the Arkansas River. The race for Oklahoma Senate District 35 will feature a slew of new candidates in June.

Republican candidates: Cheryl Baber (R), Kyden Creekpaum (R), Linda Morrissey (R)

Democratic candidates: Jo Anna Dossett (D), Carly Hotvedt (D), Stan Young (D)

Senate District 43: Stephens, Garvin, Grady and McClain counties

Sen. Paul Scott (R-Duncan) is being challenged by fellow Republican Jessica Garvin for the State Senate district. Scott is also facing an abortion abolitionist named Kaity Keith in the primary. A Democrat named Terri Reimer filed for the seat also but does not appear to be running an active campaign. The cities and townships in this district include: Duncan, Pauls Valley, Rush Springs, Washington, Wayne and Velma.

Republican candidates: Sen. Paul Scott (R)*, Jessica Garvin (R), Kaity Keith (R)

Democratic candidate: Terri Reimer (D), she does not appear to have an official campaign website or Facebook page.

State House District Elections

House District 1: LeFlore and McCurtain counties

Two southeastern Oklahoma natives will be running for the open seat in House District 1. The seat, currently held by Rep. Johnny Tadlock (R-Idabel), spans the southeastern corner of the state. Tadlock is not yet term-limited, but he chose not to run again, leaving the Idabel and Broken Bow-area seat open for two Republicans, Eddy Dempsey and Eric Ensley.

Candidates: Eddy Dempsey (R), Eric Ensley (R)

House District 3: LeFlore county

The winner of the GOP primary in House District 3 will face Democrat Mike Sullivan in November. Cities and townships represented include: Arkoma, Cameron, Fanshawe, Fort Coffee, Heavener, Howe, Pocola, Poteau, Rock Island, Spiro and Wister.

Republican candidates: Rep. Lundy Kiger (R)*, Rick West (R)

Democratic candidate: Mike Sullivan (D)

House District 12: Wagoner county

The Republican primary election is between Justin Dine and House District 12 incumbent Rep. Kevin McDugle (R-Broken Arrow). As no other candidates filed for the seat, the primary will decide the officeholder for the next term. The cities and municipalities represented are: Broken Arrow, Coweta, Fair Oaks, Okay, Porter, Redbird, Tullahassee and Wagoner.

Candidates: Kevin McDugle (R)*, Justin Dine (R)

House District 14: Braggs, Fort Gibson, Hulbert, Lost City, Muskogee, River Bottom, Sand Hill, Sour John and Webbers Falls

Oklahoma’s House District 14 Republican primary will feature a rematch of the district’s 2018 GOP primary as two men square off again for control of the Muskogee seat.

Candidates: Chris Sneed (R)*, George Faught (R)

House District 15: Haskell, LeFlore, McIntosh, Muskogee , Pittsburg and Sequoyah counties

House District 15 incumbent Rep. Randy Randleman (R-Eufaula) will face a single challenger in the upcoming Republican primary. The cities and townships represented: Bokoshe, Gore, Keota, Kinta, McCurtain, Panama, Porum, Shady Point, Stigler and Whitefield.

Candidates: Rep. Randy Randleman (R)*, Angie Brinlee (R)

House District 18: Coal, Hughes, McIntosh and Pittsburg counties

The three Republican candidates on the ballot enter the election without another challenger. The cities and townships include: Allen, Arpelar, Ashland, Atwood, Bromide, Calvin, Canadian, Centrahoma, Coalgate, Crowder, Eufaula, Gerty, Hanna, Hitchita, Horntown, Indianola, Kiowa, Lamar, Lehigh, Longtown, McAlester, Phillips, Savanna, Stidham, Stuart and Tupelo.

Candidates: Rep. David Smith (R)*, Brenda Angel (R), Brecken Wagner (R)

House District 20: Cleveland, Garvin, McClain and Pottawatomie counties

This year, Rep. Sherrie Conley (R-Newcastle) will face challenger Steve Herburger in the Republican primary. As no other candidates filed, the winner of the seat will be determined by the primary. The cities and municipalities include: Asher, Blanchard, Byars, Cole, Etowah, Goldsby, Lexington, Newcastle, Noble, Norman, Paoli, Pauls Valley, Purcell, Rosedale, Slaughterville and Wanette.

Candidates: Sherrie Conley (R)*, Steve Herburger (R)

House District 25: Pontotoc county

Rep. Ronny Johns (R-Ada) and Gary Rhynes will face off in the Republican primary. No other candidates filed, so the election between Johns and Rhynes will decide the Ada-area seat, this includes the cities and townships of: Ada, Allen, Byng, Fitzhugh, Francis, Roff and Stonewall.

Candidates: Rep. Ronny Johns (R), Gary Rhynes (R)

House District 28: Pottawatomie and Seminole counties

Danny Williams will be competing in the Republican primary of HD 28 against Jerri Parker, a former educator. Both Parker and Williams seek to focus on community and capacity building for residents in rural areas of their district through local agriculture and internet access, respectively.

Republican candidates: Jerri Parker (R), Danny Williams (R)

Democratic candidate: Yasminda Choate (D)

House District 31: Logan and Oklahoma county

House District 31 incumbent Rep. Garry Mize (R-Edmond) is aiming to secure a second legislative term in a one-on-one against his only challenger: Karmin Grider. The cities and townships include: Cashion, Cedar Valley, Cimarron City, Edmond and Guthrie.

Candidates: Rep. Garry Mize (R)*, Karmin Grider (R)

House District 33: Coyle, Cushing, Drumright, Mulhall, Orlando, Perkins, Ripley, Stillwater and Yale counties

Rep. John Talley (R-Stillwater) is running for reelection. Talley’s lone challenger is Brice Chaffin. Chaffin has no previous political experience and is running because of concerns over “a number of liberal decisions” made during Talley’s tenure, according to Chaffin’s website.

Candidates: John Talley (R)*, Brice Chaffin (R)

House District 40: Garfield county

Enid attorney Taylor Venus will challenge incumbent Rep. Chad Caldwell (R-Enid) for the second time in as many election cycles. The cities and municipalities represented are Enid and North Enid.

Candidates: Rep. Chad Caldwell (R), Taylor Venus (R)

House District 42: Garvin and McClain county

On June 26, Rep. Cynthia Roe (R-Lindsay) announced on Facebook that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and would be “suspending further public appearances and campaigning.” Roe is in the homestretch of a campaign against challenger Nicole Stevens. The cities and townships in this district are: Blanchard, Cole, Dibble, Elmore City, Erin Springs, Foster, Goldsby, Katie, Lindsay, Maysville, Paoli, Pauls Valley, Purcell, Washington and Wayne.

Candidates: Rep. Cynthia Roe (R)*, Nicole Stevens (R)

House District 52: Greer, Harmon, Jackson and Kiowa counties

 A pair of Jackson County Republicans will square off to claim the vacated southwestern Oklahoma seat in the primary. The cities and townships in the district include: Altus, Blair, Duke, Eldorado, Elmer, Friendship, Gould, Granite, Headrick, Hollis, Lone Wolf, Mangum, Martha, Mountain Park, Olustee and Snyder.

Candidates: Gerrid Kendrix (R), Scot Simco (R)

House District 56: Caddo, Grady and Kiowa counties

Three candidates are vying to represent the Chickasha-area district. Republicans Dick Lowe and Randy Talley will run in the Republican primary for the chance to attempt to flip the seat. The winner of the primary will face off against Democratic candidate Craig Parham.

Republican candidates: Dick Lowe (R), Randy Talley (R)

Democratic candidate: Craig Parham (D)

House District 59: Blaine, Canadian, Dewey, Kingfisher and Woodward counties

The House District 59 Republican primary will feature two small-town conservatives hoping to replace legislative veteran who is terming out of office. HD 59 stretches from just northwest of Oklahoma City almost to the panhandle, including cities and townships such as: Camargo, Canton, Dover, El Reno, Greenfield, Hennessey, Hitchcock, Kingfisher, Leedey, Longdale, Loyal, Mutual, Oakwood, Okarche, Okeene, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, Putnam, Seiling, Sharon, Taloga, Vici, Watonga and Woodward.

Candidates: Mike Dobrinski (R), Adam Masters (R)

House District 61: Beaver, Cimarron, Ellis, Harper, Texas and Woodward counties

The race for House District 61 is between incumbent Rep. Kenton Patzkowsky (R-Balko) and another rancher from far northwestern Oklahoma, Kenny Bob Tapp. The cities and townships represented are: Arnett, Beaver, Boise City, Buffalo, Fargo, Felt, Forgan, Fort Supply, Gage, Gate, Goodwell, Guymon, Hardesty, Hooker, Kenton, Keyes, Knowles, Laverne, May, Optima, Rosston, Shattuck, Texhoma, Turpin and Tyrone.

Candidates: Rep. Kenton Patzkowsky (R)*, Kenny Bob Tapp (R)

House District 70: Tulsa county

No Democrats filed to run for the seat, so the Republican primary between Rep. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa) and Taylor Woodrum will decide the next representative for HD 70.  If Bush wins, he would be the youngest person in the state Legislature currently and would join the ranks of only a few Oklahomans who were elected in their first year of eligibility.

Candidates: Carol Bush (R), Taylor Woodrum (R)

House District 72: Tulsa county

The North Tulsa seat covers cities such as: Owasso, Sperry, Tulsa, Turley. The seat has been held by a Democrat for more than 50 years. When Rep. Monroe Nichols (D-Tulsa) first won his seat in House District 72, he beat his only opponent, Maria Veliz Barnes, by 71 votes. Four years later, Barnes has decided to challenge now-incumbent Nichols to a rematch.

Candidates: Rep. Monroe Nichols (D)*, Maria Veliz Barnes (D)

House District 89: South and Southwest Oklahoma City 

Voters in the southwest Oklahoma City district will choose between three men seeking the Democratic nomination, with the winner facing the sole Republican candidate Nov. 3. HD 89 comprises much of south and southwest Oklahoma City and has been represented by a Democrat dating back to at least 1965.

Republican candidate: John Hutton (R); the lone Republican on the ballot, Hutton will face the winner of the Democratic primary on Nov. 3. There is no posted website or social media page for Hutton’s campaign.

Democratic candidates: Jose Cruz (D), Cristian Zapata (D), Chris Bryant(D) -There is no posted website or social media page for Bryant’s campaign.

House District 91: Cleveland county

Challenging House District 91 incumbent Rep. Chris Kannady (R-Oklahoma City) once again is Republican Bruce Fleming. The two cities in this district are Oklahoma City and Moore.

Candidates: Rep. Chris Kannady (R)*, Bruce Fleming (R)

House District 96: Arcadia, Choctaw, Edmond, Harrah, Jones, Luther and Oklahoma City Counties

The House District 96 Republican primary will host a crowded field of candidates, with four GOP members chasing the nomination. The winner will face Democrat Nicol Ragland in the general election. HD 96 comprises much of the northeast corner of Oklahoma County, from Highway 62 between Choctaw and Harrah and extending north to the Logan County border.

Republican Candidates: Margaret Best (R), Chris DeCloud (R), Preston Stinson (R), Ken Warner (R)

Democratic Candidate: Nicol Ragland (D)

House District 99: Oklahoma county

Rep. Ajay Pittman (D-OKC), the incumbent, has served in the House for two years, holding a seat that was once occupied by her mother, former Rep. and Sen. Anastasia Pittman, who served HD 99 from 2006 to 2013. Pittman’s challenger, Susan Porter, is the daughter of Oklahoma’s first African-American State Sen. E. Melvin Porter. He served Senate District 48 for more than 20 years, from 1964 until 1987. Pittman and Porter will face off in the Democratic primary on June 30. The race did not draw any other candidates, so the winner of the primary will go on to hold the seat.

Candidates: Ajay Pittman (D)*, Susan Porter (D)

The deadline to register to vote for the June primaries was June 5. You can learn how to register to vote at the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website. You can also find other deadlines and dates for upcoming 2020 elections here.

The polling hours June 30 are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., check online to find out where your polling location is.

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