OKC Art Commission to unveil two new art pieces downtown

New art pieces coming to OKC

Oklahoma City is welcoming two new art pieces, one at the Oklahoma City Convention Center and another at Scissortail Park.

The sculpture that will be unveiled on March 10 at the convention center is called “Together Together” by local artist Joe Slack, this piece will be 24 feet tall. Slack interprets the piece as, “The piece will feature three human-like structures with a head inside the head that is about dialogue that applies to more than just three people.”

Although Slack has his interpretations, he also wishes that the guests viewing it will have an open mind to come to their own conclusions. This more than $200,000 sculpture is to help the community to communicate and come back together after the last couple of life-altering years.

“Together Together” is on indefinite loan, and can be viewed for your pleasure at any time.

GLOW, an interactive piece, is coming to Scissortail Park. GLOW features two different artworks that will be added for a limited time. From March 11 to April 10, there will be large, solar-powered rocks that light up and make noise as you get closer to it called “Oscillation.” There will also be a large spiral of light that is big enough to walk through called “Passage.” International artists are pairing up with OKC’S Allied Arts to bring this to our city.

OKC residents are very excited about these exhibits, and people believe that these new pieces will make the community “a happier place.”

Do not miss these new installments with, “Together Together” coming March 10 and GLOW starting March 11 and ending April 10. You do not want to miss it!

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