Nigel Moore and Midday Static Rock the Stage at ACM@UCO

Josh Walters, lead guitarist for Midday Static, plays guitar during a set Thursday night at the
ACM@UCO Performance Lab. The Tulsa-based band played a free concert along with local
singer-songwriter Nigel Moore. (CiCi Simon/The Vista)
From left, Jack Franklin watches Midday Static drummer Ben Sizemore during a show at the
ACM@UCO Performance Lab on Thursday night. The show, which included the Tulsa-based
band along with local singer-songwriter Nigel Moore, was free to attend. (CiCi Simon/The Vista)
Josh Walters plays his solo for Tulsa band Midday Static. The band started in 2019 and have played together since. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Jarret Boss raps and sings soulful melodies with Midday Static. He was the main vocals for the night aside from solo artist, Nigel Moore. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Frontman Dylan Boyd solos on while Ben Sizemore keeps tempo. The band primarily plays indie rock, setting the mood for a night at the ACM@UCO performance lab. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Frontman, Dylan Boyd and bassist Jack Franklin play an original at ACM@UCO performance lab. ACM@UCO brings in musicians each week with their own and covers. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Midday Static drummer, Ben Sizemore sets the tempo. The ACM has expanded into the old location for Murphy’s Dueling Piano, where students, local, and traveling bands play weekly. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Singer-Songwriter, Nigel Moore sings his heart out in a room of loved ones at ACM@UCO performance. Other bands for the night included Midday Static. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Nigel Moore sings with passion at the ACM@UCO performance lab. Moore brought originals to Oklahoma City campus for all to enjoy. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
Nigel Moore brings intimate music for the night at ACM@UCO performance lab. Moore and Midday Static are one of many bands that play at the campus’s weekly performance nights. (The Vista/Cici Simon)
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