New plant-based restaurant opens Monday in Edmond

The fully plant-based restaurant Plant is opening their second location in Edmond on Monday. 

The sister-owned restaurant will officially open in the Edmond railyard area, located on 19 W. First St. They open at 8 a.m. for their first day.

The two sisters, Emma and Addie Ryan, wanted to open a clean, fresh and plant-based restaurant where anyone could find something to eat. They are fully free from gluten, soy, corn, peanut, refined sugar and dairy. 

The restaurant offers a variety of smoothies in which the customer can choose from their many superfood add-ins. They have warm bowls, salads, energy bites, muffins, coffee, health tonics, teas, and more. 

“All of the food we decide to serve are things that we know are beneficial to the human body. A lot of time and research went into curating a menu that everyone can enjoy and feel good after eating it,” Emma said. 

Addie, operations manager and older sister, explained how they hope the space is received by customers. 

“We don’t want the environment to ever come off as judgmental because of the food options we provide. we want it to inspire the community in their own kitchens with clean and delicious food that’s simple to make.” 

The idea of the restaurant began after Emma struggled with health complications her entire childhood leading into her 20s when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She reflects on the journey being one of the biggest hardships she’s ever had to face. 

“I’m not saying it works for everyone, but eating plant-based, whole foods really helped me feel better even when my health was at its lowest,” Emma stated. 

Emma, founder of Plant, felt that Oklahoma City and Edmond needed a space that offered plant-based foods that could be eaten by almost anyone with some sort of allergy or health condition. 

All of the foods and supplements offered are geared toward anti-inflammation properties that can help individuals who suffer from autoimmune diseases to feel comfortable when eating their food. 

Addie said that the two siblings have been best friends since high school and always wanted to work together in some way and Plant seemed to be the right direction. 

The two sisters were born and raised in Edmond. They have many ties and connections to the community and said they believed if they were to open a Plant location in Edmond the community would support them. 

According to them, the changes in downtown Edmond have made it blossom into an interesting place that is continuously growing and changing into a space all people can relate to. 

Kyanne Kroeger, a team member at Plant, is excited about the restaurant opening. 

“I’m a longtime vegetarian and so having a space that has food that I can order anything from the menu and wouldn’t have to change a thing is amazing,” stated Kroeger, UCO student majoring in music production. 

Kroeger also noted that Emma’s story is so inspirational. 

“You can feel her strength and tenacity throughout the space, it’s really important to her and you can tell,” Kroeger said. 

“Everyone who is a part of the Plant team just wants to provide an inclusive, safe space for everyone in the community to eat and socialize,” Kroeger said.

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