Mnemonic device for Your Valentines Day Rejection

Love can sometimes be like a paper plane, you spend a lot of hard work and time creating the perfect light-weight aviation piece of flight domination. Then when you take it outside, it’s the wind that truly determines where that plane will go. Sometimes the wind throws your beautiful aircraft straight toward the cold, hard earth.
This Valentines Day, you might be hurling that paper plane of love at a special someone, hoping that the wind is blowing just right and carry it forever. Maybe this person’s laugh makes your heart beat so fast that you reach for your pulse to make sure you’re okay. You look forward to whatever it is you’re about to do because you know they’ll be there and that makes it okay. Well, be prepared for rejection, because they probably don’t feel that way at all. Heck, they might even find you disgusting.
When that person ‘Hulk Smashes’ your crappy paper plane into the dead dirt below, remember this mnemonic device so you will be able to get over that life-destroying rejection.
Kick out the self-doubt – That’s right, kick away any self-doubt that you feel about yourself. You are still a very special person to the only individual that matters out there: YOU. If you start questioning whether or not you’re good enough for any other person, stop. You’re just not meant for them, it doesn’t mean you’re not meant for someone else. Find someone who will actually love you for any ideology that you think is acceptable to spread.
Everything will be okay – Yeah, it seems like the world is over. It’s not. You’ll wake up tomorrow to the sun shining it’s warm rays on the fresh morning dew. Birds will fly over your head singing songs of hope and squirrels will be chasing after each other. You’ll get in your car and the radio will play that one song you love so much and your head will start nodding along to the beat. You’ll forget about that person and continue spreading whatever ideology you believe in.
Nothing is forever – That leads to the next point, nothing is forever. You won’t constantly receive rejection in life. That just doesn’t happen. There are other weirdos like you out there who accept you for who you are and will run alongside your paper plane of love. The faster you realize that the person who rejected you just wasn’t right for you, the faster you can get far away from them and keep spreading your crazy ideology.
Happiness isn’t a handout – Smiles are simple, but happiness is hard. It takes work to be a happier person. If it was easy, life wouldn’t be as great as it is. Think about it, if it took no effort to be happy, nobody would want it. Being happy is something special and it is something earned, but it takes realizing that you must remove hate in order to be happy. Basically, the sooner you stop spreading hateful ideology, the happier you’ll be.
Accept the rejection – Accepting it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from it. Accept the rejection through acknowledgement. Allow the rejection in your life and acknowledge that the other person is now an afterthought. Ask yourself what adjustments of your ideology you have to make and accept them.
Make life beautiful – After all is said and done, life still goes on. This mnemonic device will help you get better after rejection, but it’s really up to you to make life better. Don’t rely on another person to make living worth it, there’s already a person who does: YOU. Remember, it’s not just about knowing, it’s about doing. Go hiking in the Oklahoma hills, read a science book, go sky-diving, relearn the process of evolution or simply make a paper airplane and take it outside.
Just by recognizing this mnemonic device, you might be able to remind yourself that you’re not wanted and that’s okay. Fly that paper plane made of love in an area where the wind will carry it to where you need it to go. If you get rejected this Valentines Day, remember to save whatever ideology you were going to say to that person and say it to someone else.

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