March 5-11 horoscopes

The Full Moon on Tuesday shakes up our collective understanding of normal when Saturn moves into imaginative Pisces. This is big because Saturn only moves signs about every three years. Get ready for something new.

Capricorn – Someone’s thinking about you this week! Saturday’s astrology involves multiple aspects that create a grounding and exciting energy. The Full Moon in Virgo transits your ninth house of travel, big ideas, spirituality, and opportunity. Keep an eye out for career opportunities that could take you far! Your song for the week is Starlight by Dave Lee and Omar.

Aquarius – Your buzzword for this week is ‘postnormal.’ When you imagine a world unbound by senseless limitations, what does it look like? As Saturn moves into Pisces you have the ability to create this reality more than ever. The Moon transits your eighth house, strengthening your intuition. Ring in the new age with music: this week’s song is Get Greasy by Lettuce. 

Pisces – You will probably feel Saturn’s shift into Pisces more strongly than any other sign. This week is a perfect time to create a vision board. Pinterest could be helpful, as well as collaging, painting, or other creative activities. The Moon transits your seventh house of close relationships, bringing a deeper kind of understanding to your closest connections. Your song for the week is Thinking by Louis Cole.

Aries – This Moon transits your sixth house of health and daily habits. In conjunction with Saturn’s move into Pisces, this points to a dynamic change in terms of your everyday life. Think about the changes you want to make, and do it! Now is the right time to make those moves. Don’t listen to any haters, and that includes your inner critic. You got this! Your song for the week is Thank You by Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul. 

Taurus – As the Full Virgo Moon transits your fifth house, expect a rush of long-overdue positivity. There are rewards coming your way. You worked hard for this, so enjoy it! As Saturn shifts into Pisces, your imagination expands and new options emerge. If you’ve been craving stability, good news! Asteroid Juno enters your sign on Saturday, bringing a grounding energy to your connections. Congrats earth sign, you made it. Your song for the week is Celebrate by Ingrid Michaelson and AJR. 

Gemini – The Full Moon in Virgo will transit your fourth house of home and family. A positive shift in the way you communicate with your friends and family could be in the near future. Saturn’s move into Pisces will have any loose ends tied up nicely very soon! An opportunity in disguise could come your way. Your funky song for the week is In My Bones by Jacob Collier, Kimbra, and Tank and the Bangas.

Cancer – Watch for changes in the way you think as the Full Virgo Moon transits your house of mind and intellect. Some therapists say that your thoughts create your perception of your reality. Extra clarity may come in this week as Saturn makes its jaunt into dreamy Pisces. Take heed of emotional energy that comes your way, but let it flow through you too. Your song for the week is Barreleye by Mark Letteri. 

Leo – What would a new normal look like if you could create it from scratch? Focus on the directions you want to take, not the footsteps you’ve already taken. The Full Virgo Moon transits your second house, bringing attention to your personal security. As Saturn moves into Pisces, you already have all the tools to make the changes you want to see in your life. Your song for the week is You Are Free by Lake Street Dive. 

Virgo – This Full Moon is huge, Virgo! This is true both literally, as it is a Supermoon, and figuratively. Not only will it transit your first house of self, but when Saturn shifts into Pisces at the same time, big changes are in store. Expect an easier time of new beginnings after difficulties from the past month resolve. Happy Spring, and welcome to your new reality. Your groove-forward song for the week is Stutter by EMEFE.

Libra – This Full Moon will impact your subconscious before you see effects in your daily life. This is because it transits your twelfth house. Journaling or dream interpretation may be particularly fruitful at this time! The Moon is in your sign Thursday and Friday, bringing some sweet energy to finish off the week. If you need to have an important conversation, Saturday is the day to do it. Your song for the week is Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave.

Scorpio – Watch how the collective shifts around you. This is particularly in terms of friendships and networking as the Full Virgo Moon transits your eleventh house. Thursday and Friday it may feel even more evident as the Moon shifts into sociable Libra. Additionally, as Saturn shifts into Pisces a new normal takes over. Remember you have a lot of power over what energy you want in your mindspace, and take charge! Your song for the week is Heatwave by Genevra Munoa. 

Sagittarius – The Full Virgo Moon transits your house of career and public face. Notice how your reputation shifts at this time. As Saturn enters Pisces, an unexpected positive shift unfolds both at home and your world at large. This one may take some time to fully appear, but the seeds you plant now will grow tall. Lucky you! You have two songs for this week: Colors by Beck and Out of Love by Busty and the Bass and Macy Gray. Take what resonates, and ask questions where they pop up.

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