Local music roundup: LABRYS, Mad Honey, Grandpa Vern

Grandpa Vern brings a new take to the hardcore scene in Oklahoma. They played at 89th Street last Saturday with a collection of other bands, another of which was particularly notable. Not yet on Spotify, the band self-describes itself as “red dirt slap metal.” The tone of the evening was exciting, subversive, and care was taken to ensure the mosh pit was a safe place to be. Grandpa Vern’s latest single is titled “Who Do I Serve” and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. 

LABRYS, whose name is derived from the name for an ancient Greek double-headed ax, is Broncho bassist Penny Pitchlynn. Their songs were recently featured in Sterlin Harjo’s “Reservation Dogs” on FX as well as M. Night Shamalayn’s “Servant.” on Apple TV+. Self-taught, Pitchlynn describes LABRYS as giving “raw emotion sonic life.” Their latest single “Can’t Win” is out now. LABRYS is on Instagram @iamlabrys. 

Community Girlfriend is lilting strings and soft femme vocals with a cello-like atmospheric base. Some of their songs have more woodsy instrumentality and echoing, dreamy vocals. Overall, they are a solid choice for an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party or just a study soundtrack. Their album “This is for You” is available both on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Mad Honey is a group with members from both Oklahoma and Tennessee. Their handle is @madhoneyband on Instagram. Described as dream pop, they have two new singles out. “Odds” and “Euphoria” bring driving guitars and wafting, lyrical vocals fit for driving on the highway at night. On Friday, March 17 they will be playing at The Sanctuary in Oklahoma City with Blushing, photocopy, and Burl. 

Burl, @buurrl on Instagram, is a newer band out of the city with a keyboardist who also writes for The Black Times. Burl has melodic and semi-distorted tunes that stride  between indie rock and psy-pop. Their album “Well” is now available on Spotify.

Dinosaur Boyfriend is @dinosaurboyfriend on Instagram. They are late-night indie with electric guitar energy on an alt-rock base and earthy, low vocals. Their newest single “Fuzzy” is on Spotify. Catch them and many of the bands above at The Sanctuary, a music venue partnered with oddities shop Beloved Bones. They are @thesanctuaryok on Instagram and located at 2828 NW 10th St in Oklahoma City.

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